Research on the Influence of Cycling on Study Productiveness

Bikes begin to be more and more popular, especially if we look at the countries that follow the trend of the Nordic ones. Denmark and Holland have a well-developed infrastructure for bikers, making it easier and faster to travel within cities.

Research on the Influence of Cycling on Study Productiveness

Biking is a nice physical activity you can engage in and that can make you stay fit and healthy. But which are the benefits of biking on your mental health? Has cycling something to do with productivity and focus?

Can students improve their university and college informational gain only by cycling more? Let’s find out.

Cycling Comes with Relaxation

No matter whether you ride your bike to go to courses, shopping, meeting with friends, or just commute to work, cycling comes with many positive feelings and emotions.

You have probably heard about endorphins, those substances that are released in our brains when we exercise, and that makes us feel good. But you may wonder which is the link between them and productivity.

Many students think that to achieve maximum productivity, you need to do something special. Many articles on the internet promise you the perfect solution or combination of habits to increase your productivity.

But as students’ life is pretty hectic during college, it becomes obvious that during these years you develop, improve, and polish most of your skills. You may not be so good at the time or task management, but you may use the bike to travel within the city.

While cycling makes you more relaxed, this relaxation is the first step towards productivity. The thing is, when your brain is relaxed, it approaches tasks with a different perspective. Relaxation can nurture productivity and cycling contributes to it.

Cycling Improves Your Wellbeing


Not only cycling but all forms of physical exercising are known to contribute to an improvement of wellbeing. This is because as you cycle, your blood flow is increased and the endorphins and other feel-good hormones are released into the bloodstream.


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    This means that they are spread rapidly in your body, promoting positive feelings and emotions. And all these contribute to an improvement in well-being, which leads to greater study productivity.

    This is because when you feel good, it is easier to find your focus and achieve high productivity. And cycling contributes to this.

    Cycling and an Exceptional Research Paper

    The life of students during college is hectic and their education might be affected by poor time and task management. Students who fall behind deadlines are tempted to find someone to write research paper for me, ideally a research paper writing service.

    Even though it is easy to look for someone to write my research paper, cycling every day can help you do this by yourself, even though it sounds unbelievable. Many studies compared groups of daily cyclists with groups of people who do not cycle at all. And the differences are amazing!

    Those who cycled every day, no matter if it was to their job, courses, or friends’ houses showed an improvement in positive emotions, calm, relaxation, and productivity. Even though it may sound odd, people who cycled more self-reported an improvement in work-related performance and not only.

    Results show the important benefits of active travel on mental and physical health. Students can also benefit from this if they choose to replace public transportation or the car with the bike.

    Cycling a few kilometers per day contributes to better cognitive performance, so essential for creating an exceptional research paper.

    Final Words

    Cycling is one of the most amazing and enriching active experiences you can engage in. No matter if you bike to the house of your friends, to work, to classes, or just to a pub, practicing cycling comes with many good benefits.

    These are not only on your physical health but on your mental health too. Students can benefit from cycling tremendously, especially because their schedules are tight, and achieving high productivity is essential.

    Cycling makes you more relaxed and calmer, and creates the perfect mental state for learning and studying. At the same time, they foster positive emotions as this activity triggers the release of endorphins which flood your body with positive feelings.

    Having a positive mental state helps students achieve high productivity, focus better, and deliver exceptional papers.


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