How Toronto Became a Paradise For Bikers

If you are new to biking or find yourself riding more frequently than ever, you aren’t the only one. The number of cyclists on the streets and trails has increased drastically in the last year. Getting relaxed and comfortable on two wheels can help you travel or get some exercise. If you’re looking for a beautiful biking paradise, there’s no better place than Toronto.

Whatever type of bike you ride, this city has some amazing trails. Toronto is an awesome place for bikers because of the multiple places perfect for cycling enthusiasts and professionals, many of whom choose to settle here to fuel their passion. The city invested more in its bike lanes and cycle paths over the years, making Toronto ideal for bikers.

If you’re a biker who is interested in homes for sale in Toronto, check out the market and contact a realtor as there are currently many great listings available. Toronto is a paradise for bikers, and here are just a few amazing locations that have made it so!

Moccasin Trail Park

This is an excellent place for a slow, leisurely bike ride, with wild animal views and colorful murals to see. The path is only 0.3 miles, or half a kilometer, long and remains relatively flat. Get off the bike now and then and look for the old Gothic house built in 1821!

The Crothers Woods

The Crothers Woods bike trail is located in the ravine and is ideal for mountain bikers. Almost 6 miles — 10 kilometers — of dirt trail awaits your wide tires, with altitude and terrain adjustments to ensure you are having fun.

Kay Gardner Beltline Pathway

The trail here is substantial and free-flowing with no hurdles. However, keep in mind that this path is also frequented by many walkers. This trail gets a little messy and slushy in the spring, making it quieter and more fun to ride.

Trail Park Betty Sutherland

There are numerous dirt trails all along the way for those looking for a little more pace and excitement. Keep an eye out for walkers and dogs on leashes, but there is plenty of space. It will also allow you to take in the trail’s sights and the river’s soothing sounds.

Martin Goodman Trail

This long ride may take you all day, but it will be well worth it. If you complete the stretch, you will ride for 34 mi / 56 km along the waterfront. The Rouge River can be found on one end, and the Humber Bay Arch Bridge can be found on the other.

Recreational Trail on the Humber River

You can enjoy the Humber River Recreation Trail in numerous ways. Take in the scenery if you have a road bike. This journey will take you past old bridges, impressive rivers, gardens, and the nearby river, to name a few sights. Ride your mountain bike down, taking in all the views. But stick to the north side of the trail, as it is better suited to larger tires.

Park in Morningside

Make the most of your morning at Morningside Park, Toronto’s largest park. The path is paved and has some elevation to play with. With over 500 acres to explore, you can grab the handlebars and fly. If dirt jumps are your thing, there’s even a novice flow circuit.


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    Etobicoke Creek Pathway

    Parts of this route are in Toronto, but with a 31-mile / 50-kilometer route and 11-mi / 18-km mountain biking paths, you can observe neighboring regions if you want a longer ride. You’ll encounter creeks, rivers, dead ends, large stone walls, golf courses, and other sights. Riding around the Etobicoke Creek Trail is truly a journey. Some other notable mentions include the Park Dovercourt and Little Italy trails.

    Moving to Toronto

    Toronto is an amazing city for bikers, but that’s not the only attraction! Apart from having some great schools, restaurants, huge parks, and a great market when it comes to jobs, Toronto ranks as the second-best city to live in North America.

    If you want to move to Toronto, check out the real estate listings available, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with a real estate agent as they can show you some great options that might not be present in the market listings!

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