How to Get Motorcycle Loan With Bad Credit

Are you thinking of getting a new motorcycle? You are probably excited, but one thing can be a hindrance – your credit score. As with other types of financing, bad credit can be a nightmare. Depending on where you live and the policies of the insurer, your credit standing can get in the way. However, it does not mean that you cannot get the motorbike you have always wanted!

Read on and find out how to increase your chances of getting approved for a motorcycle loan despite your credit standing and important information on finance options for a motorcycle. It can be quite challenging compared to those with excellent credit scores, but it isn’t impossible.

Tips for Getting a Motorcycle Loan with Bad Credit

Whether you are buying your first motorcycle or an electric motorcycle to add to your growing collection, financial constraints can be an obstacle. Applying for a loan might make things easier. However, it can be a different story when you have bad credit. Some insurers might perceive you as a higher risk. Below are some things you can do.

1. Review and Correct Your Credit Report

While credit reporting bureaus are reputable companies, they can commit mistakes. Hence, you might find some errors in your credit report. If you believe it is wrong, contact them and dispute the errors. You can send a letter or fill out an online dispute form. The corrections will not be apparent overnight. Nonetheless, once corrected, it might be easier to convince lenders to approve your motorbike loan.

2. Try Pledged Loan

Pledging loan is one thing that might help increase your chances of approval for motorcycle financing. This way, you are pledging an asset, which serves as secured collateral for your loan. It can include real estate, car, or equipment, among other valuable items. In case you are not able to repay the loan, you are providing the lender partial ownership of the asset, which they can use to recoup payments.

3. Look for a Co-Signer

Finding a co-signer might also make you qualify for a motorcycle loan even with bad credit. It can minimize the risk that lenders might face. In case you default on the loan payments, the lender will go after the co-signer. The latter will have the legal responsibility to settle the balance. It can be quite challenging since you can be asking too much from the co-signer. In most cases, it can be a member of your immediate family.

4.  Provide a Larger Down Payment

To lessen the risk on the part of the lender, it might also help if you give a larger down payment. As such, the amount that you have to loan will be lower. It can also show how serious you are about wanting to have a motorcycle. Aside from potentially increasing the chances of approval, it can also lower your interest.

5.  Choose a More Affordable Bike

Be realistic about your expectations. If the lender does not approve your loan application for a high-end bike, why not consider applying for a more affordable model? You must be ready to compromise if you know that you are not in a good position. You will still have a motorcycle, but it may not be up to the specifications that you want. Especially if it is your first motorbike, this can be a win-win situation. Nonetheless, if you do not want to compromise, other things mentioned in this guide can help you.

6. Search for the Right Lender

Not all lenders are the same, especially when it comes to dealing with applicants with poor credit. Go online and read reviews. Look for lenders known to be working with bad credit individuals. This way, you will prevent wasting your time. More so, the right lender is also one that can give you a reasonable interest rate despite your credit standing. It is common for lenders to charge ludicrous interest to people with bad credit.

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    7.  Improve Your Credit Score

    If all else fails, consider delaying your plan of buying a motorcycle. Instead, you must first focus on improving your credit score. It will not increase in a few days, but with a consistent strategy, it can improve over time. Among others, some of the things that can help include consolidating your debt, increasing credit utilization, and paying your bills on time. Identify the reasons why your credit score is low and work towards correcting your mistakes.

    In Closing

    Anyone with bad credit has a legitimate reason to worry when applying for a motorcycle loan. It is especially the case if you live in a state where the law allows lenders to use a credit score as the basis for financing approval. Nonetheless, bad credit should not be the end of the world. You might still be able to turn the tide by doing the things mentioned above.

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