How To Choose Garmin Smart Watch For Seniors 2023

When it comes to accurate heart rate monitors for sports, Garmin watches are the benchmark. There is a wide variety of models available on the market, ranging from the simplest for beginners to advanced athletes, and for those looking for adventures such as diving and triathlon.

That’s why we’ve created a guide full of information and tips that will help you choose the ideal product for your needs. It is important to check the model’s functions, battery life, and GPS. Read on the details below about health watch for seniors.

Why Own a Garmin Watch?

Garmin watches are highly durable and the world leader in GPS navigation. Sports-focused, these watches can be used for accurate monitoring of health metrics such as heart rate, stress, step logging, and sleep data.

Perfect for those who practice physical activities and seek to improve more every day. The various models available are able to meet the needs of amateur sportsmen to professional athletes. There are several resources to help you, such as the availability of training done by professionals.

How to Choose the Best Garmin Watch

To choose the best Garmin you need to take into account the features that best suit you and your routine. So keep an eye on battery life, screen protection, and watch weight. Check out more details on these topics below.

See Which Modes the Garmin Watch Offers Functions

The Garmin smart watch is popularly used as a pulse meter for running, but there are other modalities available in the models offered by the brand, such as golf, yoga, cycling, swimming, and even triathlon. Be sure to check if the model you want supports your favorite activities.

In addition, there is a more gym- and fitness-oriented activity category consisting of strength, cardio, and elliptical training, stairs and climbing, rowing, yoga, pilates, and breathing exercises. It is very useful to keep track of calorie expenditure and stress data when practicing these activities.

For lovers of extreme sports, Garmin also provides features programmed for these modalities.

Called by the outdoor activities brand, options include skiing, snowboarding, stand-up paddle, rowing, mountain biking, and others. See if the chosen watch has this differential!

Check the Main Functions Available on the Watch

There are several functions available on Garmin watches that make their use more practical and objective, each one is focused on certain types of activity, so be sure to check that the watch has all the metrics for the desired sport.


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    • Recovery Alert: at the end of an activity, the watch displays how much time is left for your body to recover and continue.
    • Compass: It has an electronic compass that points the direction accurately.
    • FTP: Estimates your functional threshold power, presenting the power results in watts.
    • Daily monitoring of the stress level: test that analyzes the cardiac variability while the user is still to measure the level of stress.
    • Sleep monitoring: when sleeping using the device, it can measure sleep metrics through the user’s heartbeat.
    • Pulse Oximeter: Measures blood oxygen saturation, helping to determine how your body is adapting to exercise and stress.
    • Triathlon or multisports: activity profile that allows you to easily switch from one sport to another, to set times, and save activities.

    Garmin Watch Location System is Excellent

    Garmin watches have 3 types of location systems, the first is the most famous: the North American GPS. The second is based on Russian satellites and is called  GLONASS and the third is Galileo, developed by the European Union.

    Multi-GNSS is the simultaneous connection to different global navigation systems, which makes Garmin watches the most accurate devices available on the market. Able to accompany you even in the most demanding environments, such as climbing, trails, and the open sea.

    For Long Activities, Check Battery Life

    Garmin watches for running and other sports have excellent batteries that last from 5 to 48 days, depending on the model. Those who make intense use of the watch for physical activities with GPS should opt for models with more days of duration, as these activities consume a lot of battery.

    Some sensors and settings affect the watch’s battery life, so changes can be made to extend it. For example, the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire watch lasts up to 48 days in battery saver watch mode but supports 36 hours of GPS and 10 hours of GPS and music used at the same time.

    See What Type of Protection Against Water

    Garmin watches undergo several tests to prove the water-resistance of each model. Don’t forget to check the instructions for use of each model, as activities that put a lot of pressure under the watch can cause water to get in.

    The 5 ATM rating withstands pressure equivalent to a depth of 50 m, withstanding splash, rain, snow, bathing, swimming, and snorkeling. The 10 ATM rating withstands 100 m pressure and, in addition to the above activities, withstands high-speed water sports.


    No matter you are an amateur or a pro-senior, Garmin smartwatches are the best to wear on. It helps to keep track and plan your workouts accurately.

    We recommend checking out the score and rating of the watches online so you get the best one of Garmin. We hope this article will solve all of your issues regarding selecting a smartwatch.

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