Buying Guide: How To Choose an Electric Bike That’s Right for You

As more and more people move to commuter bikes instead of cars, the barriers to entry are disappearing because manufacturers are scrambling to meet a wider range of customers. Bikes have always been built to cater to the comfort of the rider, but often that manifests as a limited range of seat and handlebar movement at each frame size.

Today’s electric bikes go further, using innovations that help you customize your ride in ways that previously seemed out of reach. There are also options beyond traditional bicycles and electric bikes. You’ll find more electric tricycles for sale in today’s market than ever before, and trikes offer an easier ride to those with challenges when it comes to balancing a traditional bike.

Check Out ‘BodyEase’ Comfort Bikes

This unique bike style has a few important features that were designed to make riding more comfortable. It is one of the most popular styles of women’s commuter bikes for sale at the moment because of those features, too. They make riding comfortable even when you have to wear your work clothes. They also work well for those regaining range of motion after an accident because of those same design choices.

Ultra-Low Frame For Easy Step-Through

Adjustable suspension for easy rider comfort adjustments

Additional Seatpost suspension for back and hip support

Tires designed for ride stability

While this is an ideal electric bike for commuters that want an easy ride and casual riders looking for something that makes exercise easier, it’s not an all-purpose design.

The same features that make it comfortable on paved surfaces also make it a challenge to use in any off-road setting, even a fairly well-managed trail. For those rides, there are other bike options.

Test Out a Trike

While tricycles might be best remembered as bike options for kids who have yet to learn to ride, the motorcycle market has shown they have a wide appeal to adults as well. The result has been a boom in trike designs for adults in both the traditional and electric bike markets.

You’ll find comfortable tricycle designs for all body types from many of the same manufacturers who provide comfort-oriented commuter bikes, recumbent bikes, and other designs built around meeting the needs of non-traditional riders. You will even find some options like recumbent tricycles.


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    Adult-sized tricycles are often advertised as commuter vehicles for good reasons. Trike designs are more stable than bicycle designs and less dependent on constant balance adjustments than two-wheeled designs, although they do still take some balance management when cornering. They also provide more options for cargo space because of the wider rear wheelbase.

    Size Yourself Before Shopping

    It’s not easy to know off the top of your head what size bike for 5’5 woman in a given style, but that is why guides exist. Take some time to familiarize yourself with one so that you know how to get the right measurements before you make a selection.

    That way, you can be sure the first bike you order online is a perfect fit for your commute. Knowing what size suits, is necessary because your comfort matters a lot. A bike for a tall guy is not the same as a bike for average height men.

    Learn About The System

    The battery, assistance like motion sensors, the right gears, and types of brakes are crucial to see while buying a bike. You must first see the assistance, either the motion sensor which takes time to start after 3 or 4 pedals, or power sensor assistance which starts as soon as you peddle, more comfortable, but also expensive.

    Check the battery based on the parameters like your route, your level of assistance, your weight, and how much longer you need to ride. It is also ideal for checking the types of brakes you would want to have in your E-bike. The protection gear should have a high jacket, a mirror for rear view, and an indicator for danger alert. These are necessary criteria for selecting the type of bike you want.

    The Correct Placement Of Motor

    It is the dilemma of shopping for E-bikes that concerns motor placement. The most powerful E-bikes commercially available have been powered by hub motors. These motors are located at the center of the rear wheel. A mid-motor is required and suitable for off-road electric bikes. The weight distributes evenly when you traverse uneven terrain. This criterion is not needed for touring electric bikes. A mid-motor is more expensive but suitable for complex bike designs.

    Have you decided to buy an E-bike now? If you want one for yourself, invest some money and buy the best one. Always try out the E-bike you want to buy. Buying a bike online at a random E-shop is never a suitable or preferable option. You should buy them in person or if you have to buy one online, choose a trustworthy website. Shop on a website that allows you to give in your details of weight, age, height, and other dimensions to select a bike that suits you best.

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