How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

The speed of regular road bikes solely depends on the effort you put into the pedal. You can paddle faster to go faster. However, the same does not apply when riding an electric bike.

So, how fast do electric bikes go? An average electric bike can go as fast as 20mph. However, the maximum limit for electric bikes is 28mph. While some power motors can go even higher, there are set regulations not to exceed 28mph.

Electric bikes are programmed to ride at maximum speeds just like cars. Speed is a major difference when deciding between a regular bike and an electric bike.

How Fast Can E-Bikes Go?

This is a common question in the e-biking community. Most beginners know electric bikes can go really fast. Is this even true? While electric bikes are faster than MTB bikes or road bikes, they are not as fast as people claim.

Electric bikes can go at top speeds of 28mph in Europe and the United States. There are regulations on the maximum speed of electric bikes. E-bikes feature a motor that powers the bike as opposed to pedaling.

To have a clear understanding of how fast e-bikes can go, let’s have a look at the different e-bike classes.

E-bike Classifications

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E-bikes are categorized into three major classes. The three different classes are accepted in most countries and states for regulation purposes. The classes are based on the bike’s wattage, speed and operation.

Class 1

These are the most passive electric bikes that only operate with a pedal assist. The bikes assist your pedaling and not your throttle. A class 1 electric bike motor will only function once you push the pedal.

Even with a fully charged battery, a class 1 electric bike will not operate without pedaling it first. A 750w power e-bike in this class will provide top speeds of 20 miles per hour.


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    Class 1 e-bikes are quite beneficial when you want to attain longer mileages while preserving the battery.

    Class 2

    Class 2 electric bikes feature a drive system that is easily activated by the throttle. You can twist the throttle system or press a button on the handlebar to start the bike.

    It is a more versatile electric bike where you can ride using pedal assistance or through the throttle system. You can easily propel the bike without pedaling.

    Most states limit the top speed of class 2 e-bikes to 20 miles per hour. However, most class 2 bikes can go at higher speeds than 20mph. In the e-bike community, these bikes are known as low-speed throttle-assisted bikes.

    You can turn the motor off and pedal at an even higher speed. However, the limit for class 2 bikes is set at 20mph. Most women bikes in the market are currently class 2 electric bikes.

    Class 3

    Class 3 bikes feature some of the most powerful motors and support pedal-assist riding. The bikes can hit top speeds of 28mph. If you want to enjoy the benefits of e-bikes, class 3 bikes are the best.

    Bikes under these categories might not need throttles but come with upgraded motors. However, there are extra regulations in most states on class 3 bikes.

    Due to the high speeds, you might require a motor license in some states. Make sure you’re informed of the specific rules regarding e-bikes in your state.

    Bikes under this class are faster and a lot more aerodynamic. In the e-bike community, the bikes are known as speed pedal-assisted bikes. Most bikes in this class come with a speedometer to monitor speed on the road.

    Persons under the age of 17 are not allowed to ride these bikes. This is because of the speed generated. Class 3 bikes are quite versatile and provide all manner of pleasure.

    You can ride leisurely when you want to explore the surroundings or cruise at top speeds when in a hurry. The bikes are quite powerful and can handle steep terrains and heavy loads.

    Laws and Regulation about electric bike speed

    Electric bikes can be fun and exciting due to the top speeds. However, laws and regulations can ruin all the fun. However, these laws are necessary to keep everyone safe on the road.

    In the US, low-speed electric bicycles are considered a vehicle with fully operating pedals. The pedals feature a motor of 750W and maximum speeds of 20mph.

    A motorbike with a 750W motor and top speed of 20mph can go anywhere a regular bike can go. The laws are even stricter in Europe when maximum speeds are much lower.

    However, things keep on changing and some countries like Denmark are now approving superbikes going up to 45km/h.

    Top benefits of electric bikes

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    Speed stands out as the most important benefit of an electric bike. The speed is usually faster because of the motor power. You can go faster without pedaling hard.

    As discussed, electric bikes can propel at speeds of 20-28 miles per hour. You get to pedal effortlessly without compromising on speed. When you decide to buy an electric bike, you can preserve your energy and arrive at destinations fresh.

    Longer distances

    Electric bikes can help you reach longer distances faster. You can go to further places without breaking a sweat. The fact that you get pedal assist makes it easier to last longer without feeling tired.

    Fun and exciting

    The experience is a lot funnier and more enjoyable than a normal bike. You can increase the speed at will without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, rides are smooth than when using manual bikes.

    Sleek appearances

    Electric bikes are sleeker and more stylish than manual bikes. They are more attractive and look good on the road. With the motor, electrical drive system, and speedometer for class 3 bikes, the bikes are sleek and work more efficiently.

    You can ride mountains and hit faster speeds without straining.


    Electric bikes are a great innovation for people that want to go fast without exerting too much pedal pressure. Electric bikes make the riding experience fun and enjoyable. However, you have to be cautious of speed and follow the set regulations.

    When considering an e-bike speed, consider your needs and how fast you want to go. You don’t want a class 3 e-bike for short-distance grocery shopping. For persons new to electric bikes, low speeds are recommended.

    Remember, speed can cause accidents. Enjoy your ride and stay safe!

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