In the Boring Ebike Market-This E-Bike Ran Out of Its Way

When 10 electric bike companies launched 8 mountain bikes with roughly similar designs and functions, the Cyrusher XF900 ran ahead with its cooler motorcycle-style front fork design and excellent anti-hit and anti-drop quality.

If the black and white gray ebike on the market is a classic black and white TV, then the CyrusherXF900 is unique and resistant to fighting programmable color TV.

Nothing is out of reach on Cyrusher XF900, like mountain roads, highways, snow, and beaches! This all-terrain Cyrusher XF900 will shatter your stereotyped impression of e-bikes. Since its first release in 2020, it has won applause from the ebike media for its outstanding design and super resistance performance.

Many experienced professional riders and famous bloggers shared this Cyrusher XF900 through social media. After 2 years, Cyrusher has been labeled as a beast and a leader from a new ebike, but the riding possibilities owned by Cyrusher XF900 may not be fully explored!

Excellent Specification Features of Cyrusher XF900

The Cyrusher XF900, the ace of the Cyrusher classic series, uses a 6061 aluminum professional full suspension frame, which is lightweight and provides better shock absorption. The core battery is waterproof and removable. The weight of the entire ebike is 34kg, and the maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 150kg.

  • Strong Power Beyond Imagination

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor, with a peak power of 1.5KW and a torque of 80Nm. Using Shimano M2000/M315 7-speed gear set, it can be switched more flexibly when facing some special terrains. Equipped with a Samsung lithium battery pack with a capacity of 48V 17 Ah, this battery pack can also supply power to mobile phones. PAS mode allows the driving distance per charge to reach 50-100KM. Using the 110V-240V charging port can charge, the battery life can reach 800 times.

  • Smarter System

The configuration adopts a 160/180 mm front and rear hydraulic disc type and a 3.7-inch LCD intelligent programmable display. Based on viewing the driving status and riding indicators of the electric bicycle and adjusting the mode of the pedal assist system, you can program and set the screen brightness, data unit switching, speed, and voltage of the ebike. Let you build the ebike that really belongs to you.

Break through the ebike front fork, and look ahead to the new design ebike of the market.

The front part of Cyrusher XF900 combines modern ebike technology and motorcycle style design. At first glance, it looks like a motorcycle, but when you ride it, you will know the true face of it; this is the designer’s unique inspiration and the eye-catching point of Cyrusher.

It is worth mentioning that the shock absorber is embedded in the motorcycle-style front fork, which can better absorb the force caused by the collision of the ebike on the bumpy road, bringing the rider a more comfortable riding experience.

Double Riding stability

The design of the Cyrusher XF900 is more in line with the needs of the public. The Cyrusher is equipped with a flexible adjustable Seatpost. According to a survey by the ebike website, about 2%-5% of riders are distressed that they can’t find a suitable ebike. The Cyrusher XF900 will solve this size problem.


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    The 4.0″ fat tires are also the highlight of the Cyrusher XF900. Cyrusher XF900 is a puncture-resistant fat tire that exceeds the stiffness of a mountain bike; it can provide better grip; even in the snow or on the beach, it can’t hide its fat tires.

    The front fork suspension and rear shock absorber designed for rough terrain take the performance and riding experience of the entire ebike to a new level in even more detail; it comes with smarter locking and 110mm preload adjustment to bring more possibilities to any ride.

    It is worth mentioning that compared with the Kommada, the Cyrusher 900 has more prominent advantages over.

    Cyrusher, which has specialized in producing e-bikes for seven years, is headquartered in China’s Silicon Valley-Shenzhen. Cyrusher e-bikes have been quality tested internationally and meet CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. The Cyrusher brand name is registered and recognized everywhere – in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

    This year, the debut of Cyrusher’s Kuattro, a step-by-step fat tire ebike, also caused a lot of heat and was reported by the media.

    On the other hand, the popularity of an ebike also shows that the entire ebike industry is slowly rising. According to an ebike market report, as a third-level motor vehicle, the number of imported e-bikes in the United States in 2021 increased by nearly 70% compared to 2020. Sales of e-bikes may have already surpassed sales of electric cars in the U.S.A, and in Europe, they’re on track to outsell all cars — not just electric cars.

    The ebike market is always developing towards ecological energy and intelligence, and every ebike brand should become a leader in the ebike industry.

    Harry, the founder of Cyrusher said: “We have been constantly developing products that our customers can imagine and can’t imagine. Our products can be used to travel on oceans and over deserts. And our app is in development and will be released in the near future. Cyrusher will construct our own ecosystem by combining our products and app.”

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