Is it Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

While motorcycling is unquestionably a thrilling pastime, thousands of riders are killed in bike accidents every year. Many more are left with injuries ranging from scuffs and bruises to severe and life-altering physical impairments.

Simply put, motorcyclists are in greater danger than other road users. If you find yourself hurt in an accident, you might well consider your recourse to the services of a legal professional. Although the final decision is in your hands, there’s good reason to pursue legal restitution.

When Would You Want to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

A motorcycle crash can be a traumatic experience, both physically and mentally, yet motorcyclists often struggle to win compensation compared to other drivers.

Perhaps a stigma remains that motorcycling is an inherently risky activity and riders are courting danger just by choosing to drive a bike. Depending on the speed, time of day, and other circumstances, it can be challenging to recall the events leading up to the crash and which party was at fault in causing the accident.

However, if you think you were at least partially innocent, it might be time to seek legal advice.

The process will most likely begin with a consultation with a law firm that has experience with motorcycle accidents. Consultations are free, and, in fact, the whole process of litigation won’t cost you anything, as most lawyers only accept a fee if your case is successful or a settlement is awarded.

This makes hiring a motorcycle accident attorney a risk-free proposition, and usually, this pay structure encourages firms to work harder on your behalf.

Legal Questions 101

Unless you happen to be a bike-loving solicitor who’s found themselves involved in a road accident, you’re likely to have a lot of questions about the legal process surrounding the crash.

Your first point of inquiry may well be with either your own insurance company or those of the other parties involved in the crash. However, insurance companies tend to have a bias as they are frequently reluctant to pay out on claims, so hiring a lawyer may be your best chance for advice that serves your interests.

Any Milwaukee bike accident lawyers who have dealt with similar cases will be able to advise you on the prospects of any legal action and can tell you what steps to take to begin your journey towards compensation.


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    Dealing with Insurance Companies

    Insurance companies are a lot like law firms: both operating within legal constraints. However, the big difference is that an accident lawyer only gets paid when you win.

    Insurance companies have their own bottom line, which is their first loyalty, and paying out on claims is not in their financial interest. That’s why they frequently attempt to frustrate legitimate claims and will attempt to place the blame for the accident on the shoulders of the claimant to undermine their case.

    However, with the aid of a professional accident lawyer, you’ll find yourself on a more level playing field.

    A good accident lawyer will be experienced in negotiating with insurers and won’t try to low-ball the size of your claim, ensuring that you get the payout you’re owed.

    Insurance companies will also take a more cooperative attitude once they learn that you’ve sought the services of a lawyer, as it shows that you won’t be easily dissuaded from pursuing damages.

    Having a lawyer onside also takes away the stress of managing a compensation claim yourself, and your lawyer will help keep you informed of the progress your case is making while handling all legal communication.

    What if You Were Partially at Fault?

    While some accidents clearly implicate the behavior of a single party (such as those involving speeding and driving under the influence), discovering who is at fault can often be more of a gray area in other cases.

    However, even if you think you were partially at fault, this won’t necessarily be an obstacle to receiving compensation for careless driving. This is another reason to seek the services of an accident lawyer, as they will be able to realistically assess your chances of a successful claim beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    They may well tell you that there aren’t enough grounds to pursue further litigation, but they could equally inform you that action is still worth pursuing.

    What if a Loved One Was Killed in a Motorcycle Accident?

    In the tragic event when a spouse or family member dies in a motorcycle accident, a lawyer can help you pursue a case for wrongful death. Wrongful death includes damages such as:

    • Funeral costs
    • Burial expenses
    • Suffering endured prior to death
    • Medical costs incurred prior to death

    Obviously, it’s a difficult thing to countenance during a period of mourning, but hiring a lawyer means you can leave the legal work to them and focus on yourself and surviving family and friends during a time of intense grief.

    What Duties Will Lawyer a Fulfill?

    The period immediately following an accident will be a difficult time, and the last thing you’ll want to do is embroil yourself with complicated legal paperwork.

    While you are under no obligation to hire a lawyer and can represent yourself, it’s better to let a professional administrate your case on your behalf. Some of a lawyer’s duties are likely to include:

    • Calculating the total amount of damages you’re entitled to, including property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering to your physical and mental health;
    • Filing your insurance claim in accordance with legal requirements;
    • Representing your case to insurance firms;
    • Initiating legal action should the insurance provider refuses to settle;
    • Providing you with information and updates regarding your case.

    Much of this work is of a sensitive nature and requires exacting attention to detail. In most cases, a lawyer will be able to execute these duties faster and more effectively than if you were to attempt to represent yourself.

    Where Can I Find a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

    Since crashes on the road are, sadly, far from infrequent, there are many practicing law firms that specialize in bringing accident cases to court. Checking local white pages and newspaper listings could be a good place to start, helping you find law firms where you can receive face-to-face consultations on your case.

    Online tools can also help you find any other legal specialist that you might need, and you will most likely be able to find online reviews if you want to find out how other litigants felt about their services.

    Final Thoughts

    Crashing a motorcycle isn’t something riders want to dwell on – they want to get on their bikes and enjoy the road. But a crash can have serious consequences for health and wellbeing, and if the accident wasn’t your fault, then it’s only right that you’re compensated for your suffering.

    Motorcycle accident lawyers can help steer you through the legal process and use their experience to give you the best chance of receiving a favorable verdict.

    They’re also your best defense against insurance companies who may try to withhold or downgrade payouts. You don’t take chances on the road, so don’t take chances in court.


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