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Cooking hamburgers is a simple matter. The most considerable complexity is getting a perfectly round shape. And to solve this problem, there is an ideal solution to use the commercial hamburger press, which allows you to make this process even more accessible. But before we talk about the benefits of this miracle machine, let’s dive a little bit into the history of the origin of hamburgers.

History Of The Hamburger

The hamburger is one of the most famous symbols of America in the world, with a very inherent history of origin. The hamburger is an indispensable fast food dish that people worldwide have come to love, but for those who enjoy eating it in eating places, it’s hard to imagine that no one knew about it more than a hundred years ago.

Who would have guessed that such a simple culinary invention, consisting of half a bun with a layer of fried juicy meatballs, would become a coveted dinner for people from all walks of life? It is worth noting that the burger is the common name for a bun with a fried patty and various additions inside. It has several varieties, which differ in filling and taste. So who came up with the idea for the burger, and what was the original recipe?

The word “hamburger” has German roots, as it comes from the city of Hamburg, which is located in Germany. The history of the burger has many variations, and even now, no one knows precisely who the real pioneer of the dish was. Cooks from different countries claimed authorship, which led to a vast number of burger variations.

While traveling in America, German migrants put a well-fried steak on a bun during their snack, which the residents of the United States could not help but notice. So, the American Louis Lessing decided to complicate this dish by adding other ingredients such as a light vegetable garnish, a leaf of lettuce, and sauce.

It is this recipe that many chefs use now. The first burger was created in 1900, and Louis Lessing patented his dish a while later. Thus began the history of burgers.

What Is A Hamburger Press?

Burgers have gained unprecedented popularity among different age groups since their introduction. A hearty and very nutritious dish that, besides everything else, is very easy to cook. Large and flavorful meatballs, with fresh vegetables, on a fresh, crispy bun made of wheat flour. What could be better than such a simple but satisfying snack?

The main difficulty in making the perfect burger is the meat preparation process. Regular patties are no good here, so you will need a commercial burger press to make perfectly flat burger patties. The commercial hamburger press is a class of professional kitchen appliances used to form burger patties from pre-cooked minced meat.

Depending on the characteristics of such devices can be made not only the traditional half-finished products round or oval but also in non-standard shapes. For example, a patty in the shape of a star or heart can be the hallmark of a fast-food establishment or any other cafe and restaurant.

This newfangled device has a lot of advantages, allowing it to turn the process of making patties easier, faster, and more interesting. Moreover, they are perfect: equal in shape, diameter, and height, which cannot fail to please people for whom the aesthetic appeal of the dish is essential.


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    So what is the secret of making perfectly even burger patties? The commercial hamburger patty maker includes a container that holds the ground meat, and you can have the beef round shape in no time at all. You can just as easily use this helpful device to make сhicken, fish, or vegetarian burgers!

    Advantages Of Using

    The main advantages of using the commercial hamburger press:

    1. The shape of the patties will be perfect, one to one. The press ensures that they will cook the same way. And if the meat products’ size is different, some may burn during the frying process, and others may remain raw. You can’t achieve such results by making patties with your own hands.
    2. Cooking speed. The whole process, from the formation of a patty to its full roasting in the pan, takes a minimum amount of time and does not require much work. Similar technology is also used in the robot burger.
    3. Extensive possibilities in use.

     Using your culinary skills and imagination, you can cook burger billets and other dishes. Alternatively, you can always surprise your loved ones with stuffed or vegetarian patties. The choice of filling and stuffing is not limited to anything.

    1. The product is very easy to care for. The design is easy to disassemble and clean.
    2. Compact size. The commercial patty maker will not take up much space, even in a limited space.

    Varieties Of Burgers

    Burgers carry a long history and have many recipes and versions of creation. Now they are served in many restaurants worldwide and have become a traditional and iconic dish. And if in the past, the cooks were actively introducing something new and supplementing the dish but now there are even more opportunities for this.

    So, what is the classic burger?

    The classic burger is a patty of ground beef between two buns, with onion rings, sliced tomatoes, and pickles. It is the recipe followed by almost all cooks at fast food restaurants that serve burgers. There are also many chefs sharing their burger recipes from various sources.

            Today, the most common types of burgers are as follows:

    1. hamburger (the most famous kind, includes a minced meat patty, usually beef);
    2. classic burger (includes beef steak);
    3. cheeseburger (includes cheese, usually cheddar, in addition to the main ingredient);
    4. black burger (bun and sometimes meat and vegetables are dyed black with cuttlefish ink or activated charcoal);
    5. chickenburger (beef is replaced with chicken meat);
    6. fishburger (fish is added instead of meat).
    7. gardenburger (vegetarian, no meat)

    Veggie burgers include only the healthiest ingredients.  They contain many plant-based ingredients that are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. You can balance your diet and stay fit and healthy with these burgers.

    Also making burgers with chicken or white meat saturate your body with electrolytes, important components for proper metabolism in the body. Therefore, we can say that fast food can be healthy.

    Hamburgers continue to be one of America’s symbols. Immigrants invented them based on foreign recipes and, embodying features of modern western civilization, have spread around the world as a typical American dish. Although hamburgers are so quickly cooked and eaten that even the word dish does not fit them. Having a press in a professional kitchen, café or restaurant allows you to diversify your menu, not only with delicious baked goods but with the meat patty.

    The commercial press opens up new possibilities, ensuring the preparation of products of different shapes. It makes it possible to prepare, for example, steaks and meatballs in the device. The method of creating a meat form by pressing eliminates its damage. The commercial hamburger press makes it possible to speed up patties’ production, making the staff’s work easier.

    The commercial hamburger patty machine for sale and cooking is an absolute necessity in fast food establishments, cafes, or restaurants because customers are focused on express service, and they don’t even always need a place to eat. The kitchen works on the principle of a conveyor belt. If suddenly it turns out that a certain amount of burgers at the moment is not in demand, they can be frozen or made a reserve in case of an influx of guests.

    Therefore, we can conclude that the commercial hamburger press is a handy device and allows you to make perfectly flat patties in minutes so that guests of cafes and restaurants do not have to wait long.

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