What Are The Greatest Winnings At Gambling Venues?

The Biggest Casino Wins Ever

The majority of punters secretly hope to win a huge amount of money one day and forget about work and financial problems forever. While it’s not the best motivation to start playing gambling games, there were many cases in the history of gambling when people managed to obtain a generous prize. Today, we will speak about the largest winnings.

How To Win The Casino?


The majority of people ask a question concerning the possibility to win the casino at all. All punters can be divided into two groups – those, who are sure that it’s impossible because the gaming facility always has an advantage, and those, who believe that the luckiest ones can obtain a generous reward one day.

The first thing to remember when attending a gambling venue is that there’s always a house edge. It’s an advantage of the casino against punters. The house edge is actually a profit of a gaming facility. The key thing is that every game usually offers its own house edge.

It’s required to keep in mind that the majority of gaming products presented at both Internet and land-based casinos are games of chance. It means that punters can’t use their skills or wits to influence the outcome. And this is the main problem connected with gambling games and the possibility to win a jackpot.

And still, there’re certain recommendations, which can increase the chances of a win for punters:

  • Choose the right games. All games are different and have various payout rates and house edges. It’s better to select gaming products, which are understandable enough and have fair rates. The following games can offer lower house edges, thus, providing higher chances to get a prize –real money baccarat, blackjack, poker (and video online version), and sports betting. Slots can also offer a good return rate but they might be too unpredictable in terms of winning.
  • Train your skills before attending a gaming venue. There’re hundreds of Internet casinos, where punters can train with the help of demo versions. Later, they can even play for real cash with smaller stakes.
  • Set a budget. It’s required to define, which sum of money can be spent on gambling. As a result, you won’t lose too much and will be able to stop. Besides, certain limitations can make punters more attentive.
  • Avoid spirits, while gambling. Alcohol will have a negative impact on mental abilities. As a result, a punter can make incorrect and rash decisions and spend too much cash. It’s better to drink water, tea, or juice to stay hydrated.
  • Choose the gaming clubs that cater to tourists. If a punter chooses a local gambling venue, there’re risks to face experienced gamblers. It’s better to play with newbies to increase the chances of a win.
  • Make the highest stake when playing slots. When a punter chooses a game with a good RTP, it’s better to make greater stakes to obtain a huge winning. Such games usually bring regular rewards but they will be small enough with minimum bets. Speaking about Internet slots, they also offer extra options and require bigger bets for greater rewards. It’s better to look for games with progressive jackpots to try luck and become a winner.
  • Don’t chase winnings. When you win a good prize, it’s better to leave the game at least for a while.

The Biggest Winnings In History

Despite quite low chances to win the gambling venue, the history of gambling has witnessed several prominent winners. Let’s look at their stories:

Winner Amount A Few Details
Kerry Packer 30 million USD This man managed to win the MGM Grand gambling venue – one of the most popular locations in Vegas. His pure reward totaled 40 million USD but he was generous enough for tips and spent quite a lot at the casino. As a result, he left the gambling house with 30 million USD. That evening, he played blackjack and made bets on 8 tables simultaneously.
John Tippin 12 million USD In 1996, this man managed to win a considerable sum, while playing the Megabucks slot. It happened in another Vegas gaming facility – Gold Coast. He used to be a post office worker and wasn’t ready for such wealth. The great win led him to isolation, financial worries, loss of friends (and finally, money).
Elmer Sherwin 4.6 million and 21 million He’s a unique double-winner. For the first time, it happened in Vegas – in the Mirage gaming facility. The man obtained almost 5 million in a slot machine. The second reward turned out to be much more generous. Sherwin was playing the Megabucks slot and won a jackpot. This slot machine has already become a well-known jackpot provider.
Amy Nishimura 9 million USD This lady is a frequent visitor to gambling venues in Vegas. She comes there every year. And once, she managed to win such a great sum just playing a slot. She spent 3 hours in front of the machine. A peculiar fact is that she was talking to it throughout the gaming process.
Beverly Whitten 3.7 million USD For the retired teacher, such a reward was a great surprise. Once, she visited a gambling establishment in West Virginia and spent 2 hours playing the Golden Chambers slot. She asked to divide the winning and send it monthly to provide a comfortable retirement.
Software Engineer (name unknown) Almost 39 million USD He is another Megabucks winner. It happened at the Excalibur gambling house. He spent just 3 coins of 1-dollar value. It’s peculiar that he didn’t get a huge amount immediately. There’re certain rules that the winner should obtain the whole reward within the period of 25 years.


Winnings keep happening. With the development of the iGaming industry, gambling has become more accessible, so more people have chances to try their luck and win a generous prize or even a progressive jackpot. Just remember that you should play for fun, and possibly, Lady Luck will smile at you and change your life forever.

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