Are GPS Trackers For Bikes Worth It?

Bikes are a valuable asset and companion for their owners. While their lightweight and compact design make them the wheels of choice, they attract unsavory attention for the same reason. Just as one would protect their cars or bigger vehicles, bike owners can also opt for added security measures – GPS trackers.

For decades, locks and chains have kept bikes safe from theft. As the world advances towards a technological utopia, bike thieves have. And hence, bike owners need to act fast and secure their bikes with a nifty piece of GPS tech. GPS Bike tracking devices are designed to fit in small nooks of a bike, send its owner the real-time location and other alerts, and keep them safe from prying hands.

What is a Bike GPS Tracker?

A bike GPS tracker is a device that allows you to track its location at any point in time. This accessory can be easily attached to the bike.

Bike trackers are equipped with many advanced features to help you, such as SOS alerts, geofencing, real-time location tracking, ascertaining speed, etc. If there is suspicious activity, the tracker notifies the bike user on their mobile.

You can find different types of bike trackers in the market:

  • Magnetic portable tracker
  • Pocket GPS tracker
  • Fitness and cycling trackers

Portable GPS trackers are usually 3-4 inches tall and weigh around 8-10 ounces. They either come with an in-built magnet or a magnetic case. In either case, you can fix it on your bike discreetly and enjoy real-time tracking.

Pocket GPS trackers are smaller than portable devices. They are pocket-sized, and you can hide them easily under your seats or anywhere.

Fitness and Cycling GPS tracker are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. It can help you to enjoy real-time tracking and track your fitness goals.

Who Needs a Bike Tracker?

Do you think buying a GPS tracker may not be the best for you? If yes, then you should check out this section.

  • If you are a student and often ride a bike to your institution, you should consider getting a GPS tracker. While going to college and coming back home, there are several places where you leave your bike unchecked. What if one day, you leave your bike in front of a convenience store and cannot find it when you come back? You will be devastated. A GPS tracker can provide you with effortless security for your bike.
  • If you are the parent of an enthusiastic biker, you should also get a GPS tracker. When your child takes the bike for their biking activity in the unmarked routes and mountains, it can help them find their way back. And also ensure that they do not get lost in the remote areas.
  • If you own a small shop and use a couple of bikes to deliver your products, then a GPS tracker can help you to optimize the overall business and boost profits. It can help you monitor the real-time location of the bikes, and you can ensure that your part-timer is delivering on time. You can also use the data to calculate the delivery time and allocate jobs accordingly.
  • If you love to ride bikes, you are not alone. Several people love to use them as a mode of transportation. It also acts as the best source of exercise and gives them a break from their desk job. Protect your bike with the help of a GPS tracker, and don’t let anyone take the joy from you.
  • For biking rental businesses, bike GPS trackers are a must. It can give you the utmost confidence to rent your asset to your customers and help you to enjoy peace of mind. You can monitor their activity in real-time and create accurate invoices.

Features You Must Look In A Bike GPS Tracking Device

If you are considering whether to invest in a bike tracker, then here are some features you must look at in the gadget:


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    • Helps in Bike theft

    According to research, more than 2 million bikes are stolen in North America every year. With such a high number of thefts, bike owners must consider installing a GPS tracker.

    Bike GPS trackers are extremely helpful in keeping a tab on your bike and recovering the same if it goes missing. Some of you might think that high-end bikes have immobilizers and alarms. But it is critical to know that thieves are quick to devise solutions to disable alarms within minutes.

    But bike trackers are challenging to trace. Even if it gets stolen, you can easily find out the exact location of your bike and retrieve it.

    • Easy to use and install

    The GPS bike trackers are light in weight. You can mount them to the handlebar or underside of the seat. Installing bike trackers does not need professional help or expertise. The tracker apps are compatible with both IOS and Android, ensuring all smartphone users use GPS technology.

    GPS bike trackers are mostly attached to the seat frame. If you want to keep its position discreet, you can install the Bike GPS tracker models inside. Having a tracker fixed to the lights is one of the safest ways to use the bike tracker.

    GPS bike tracker allows a setup that provides all the crucial details to a physical device. This bike tracking device connects to an app on the user’s device, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. The app uses google maps to find real-time data about its location. You can share this information with the police when necessary. You can download the app by following the instructions and linking the device to the app. But remember, you need a WiFi connection to track the device and use the GPS bike tracking application.

    • Affordable

    The majority of bike trackers are economical. They may also charge a monthly fee other than the cost of the device. The monthly charges are reasonable and allow you to use the gadget without worry.

    The monthly fee may depend upon the device brand and the model. A high-end tracking gadget may need you to pay a high initial cost and a monthly fee. The benefits of the device certainly outweigh the cost.

    • Advance features

    Today GPS trackers are loaded with advanced features. If you choose the correct vendor, you can enjoy several benefits, including geofencing, theft alerts, etc.

    Geofencing allows you to set up virtual boundaries over the map. If someone tries to take your bike beyond the fence, you will get an immediate notification. Theft alerts set the alarm on as soon as it detects any suspicious or unwanted activity.

    • Waterproof and durable

    A high-quality bike tracker is also waterproof, allowing you to use it in rainy weather and damp areas. The trackers are durable and built to last. A good quality tracker lasts for more than 3 to 4 years, but you need to ensure to use it properly. It would be best to be careful that the device does not fall off your bike. Frequent falling and mishandling can shorten the lifespan of the gadget.


    So, don’t you want to remain relaxed and peaceful, considering your bike is safe when you are not around? It can offer your bike overall protection and help you recover it in case of the worst.

    Your family may also be at peace knowing that you are safe when riding the bike. And they can send immediate help when you need it.

    These all make it worth investing in a GPS bike tracker. You can check these bike tracking devices to choose the one best for you.


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