How To Get Started In Glamping

The selection of holiday rentals has grown significantly in recent years. Nowadays, lodgings strive to provide a personalized experience.

Similarly, vacationers may pick lodging depending on their specific preferences. From a studio apartment to a luxury villa, everyone has something.


“Glamping” is a combination of the terms “glamour” and “camping.” The idea is a blend of camping and luxury tourism. Imagine being surrounded by nature and tranquillity while enjoying luxurious amenities such as comfy mattresses, flat-screen TV, a built-in kitchen with an electric oven, AC, a bathtub, and a sauna. That doesn’t sound horrible. And as a company owner, it’s ideal.

Glamping isn’t new, but its popularity has soared. As people seek unique and original holiday experiences, the popularity of such unorthodox vacation rentals continues unabated.

Glamping Types

Glamping lodgings differ based on geographical location, qualities, or custom. Glamping is popular in the US woodlands, beaches, and deserts. We’ve compiled samples to show you how much they vary.


Yurts are a popular glamping alternative. Mongolians use circular timber beam tents with animal skin or cloth walls. Countryside and festival yurts are popular.

Their accessibility and healthy vacation ambiance have made them popular. Glamping in a yurt offers the best of both worlds: nature and modern conveniences like air conditioning.


As the name implies, Treehouses are composed of wood and are usually erected inside a tree or in the woods. Ideal for those seeking tranquility in nature.

No two treehouses are alike. Building additions or additional apartments might increase earnings by marketing to families or bigger groups.


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    Tiny dwellings are one of the most eco-friendly solutions since they utilize fewer resources and pollute less. Many are also made from eco-friendly materials.

    Tiny house vacation rental owners usually have many units on a bigger property. Managing many properties is difficult, but you may make a lot of money with the appropriate tools and preparation.

    Tipis & Tents

    Tipis are traditional Native American tents made of cotton cloth and wood beams. Each tent is tied together with a rope or beam to form a triangle (also known as safari tents).

    Tipis and tents are simpler yurts. Keeping this in mind, you may have to offer your services elsewhere. A bathhouse, spa unit, or portable air conditioning will make your glamping visitors more comfortable.


    The adaptability of caravans makes them ideal holiday rentals for vintage lovers. With some outdoor furniture, visitors may enjoy the outside as much as the inside. They are a terrific way to get away from it all in the countryside.

    Bubble Dome

    A bubble dome is a translucent pod where visitors enjoy nature, fresh air, and sunsets. These are popular in areas with a starry night sky!

    Why Start A Glamping Business?

    As the glamping trend grows, there are large regions in the US where it may be done effortlessly. Arizona estimates that the US glamping industry will be worth $1 billion by 2024. Luxury yurts and treehouses are anticipated to increase income. See why you should establish a glamping company.

    1. Glamping for everyone

    Glamping has already proven beneficial for many property owners. It attracts a new set of tourists – individuals who have never camped and want to appreciate nature—and people on a budget who wish to enjoy a premium getaway.

    Glamping is for nature lovers who don’t want to camp. Traditional camping is unappealing to many: cold, bugs, no running water, and no access to fresh food. But glamping is a whole other ballgame.

    This sort of housing gives seclusion, and a close connection to nature, and is often cost-effective. Glamping is for everyone. Fun outdoor activities, music festivals, and couples (many select this choice for their honeymoon!) may all be tempting.

    2. Less investment, more profit

    Glamping housing requires less initial expenditure than purchasing a home and taking out a mortgage. It is cheaper to create, maintain, and operate. Thus the profit should be bigger and the ROI faster.

    The idea is to sell your glamping holiday property. Know how to target vacation rental guests like health and wellness enthusiasts and millennials. Be mindful of SEO tricks to guarantee that glamping visitors can quickly discover your vacation accommodation.

    Glamping is now a successful company that can be handled like any other vacation rental. It may be listed on the same sites and have a web page.

    3. A haven from the city

    As the urban population grows, so does the desire for city getaways. City residents may not be ready to give up all their conveniences just yet! Glamping is a delightful blend of wildness and luxury.

    As a result of the strong desire to escape the city, glamping experiences tend to be overpriced, which is good news for company owners. With the adequate promotion, you may easily attract urbanites at a higher weekly cost than a traditional vacation rental.

    Glampsite Construction

    A variety of variables will influence your build. No two glamping companies are the same, and they shouldn’t! Glamping is renowned for its individuality. Therefore, each construction will be unique. Regardless matter how you start your glamping company, there are certain things to consider to be sure you stay within the law.


    Remember glamping in caves? It’s as fantastic as it sounds, but governments may protect such sites. Creating permits and protected property might make building a “glampsite” problematic.

    Look out for property with easements. A private road on your neighbor’s land would require certain parameters (like road access, septic system, or electrical grid hookup). If you’re not attentive, you can end up buying land that can’t be used for glamping.

    Zoning Rules

    Zoning regulations help avoid a congested roadway but are not so great for starting a vacation rental company. It is difficult to build a glamping business due to zoning regulations, especially in tourist areas.

    If you’re using a realtor or real estate site, make sure you filter out zoning restrictions that prevent glamping.

    Promote Your Glamping Bookings

    Why is glamping so appealing? Escape, luxury, and breathtaking views now to sell it! Glamping is simple to sell because of its inherent beauty, appeal, and novelty. The glamping company owner just has to promote it.

    Good marketing attracts the proper people. Glamping is trendy among millennials. In the last two years, 30% of US travelers have gone glamping, with a large proportion being Millenials. Know your target market and tailor your internet marketing strategy to them.

    Use Glamping Software

    If you’ve built a glamping campground, followed your business strategy, and promoted it to prospective visitors, now is the time to enjoy the advantages and book up fast!

    Managing reservations, a booking calendar, multiple sites, and running a business can be overwhelming. Glamping management software relieves you of this effort by giving you the required property management capabilities. Whether you deal with one yurt or twenty small dwellings, you’ll need the correct equipment.

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