Giant Talon 3 Mountain Bike Review – Is it for you?

Giant Talon 3 Review: Will This Work for You?

Biking enthusiasts who love to explore new trails, terrain, and territories know how vital it is to select a bike that can deliver the performance they need to overcome every obstacle on their path.  If you are one of them and looking for a premium mountain bike that comes with tones of high-value features, Giant Talon 3 may just be your guy. It is an upgraded and modern release of popular bike manufacturer Giant.

Giant is headquartered in Taiwan. It manufactures bikes for amateur riders as well as professionals. The Giant Talon comes in two variants. The first is a 27.5 inches wheel model, and the second is slightly bigger with 29 inches wheels. So, you can choose according to your needs, regardless of whether you are a beginner hobbyist or a professional athlete.

Giant Talon 3 MTB Review

What makes Giant Talon 3 different from others is the fact that it uses a hardtail MTB along with a trail bike design. Because of this, the two-wheeler delivers versatile performance in diverse terrain. It also comes jam-packed with useful features such as  24-speed Shamino gear config, 29 inches wheelies, an ALUXX aluminum hardtail construction, and more.

Moreover, it has a very streamlined design that efficiently optimizes everything a biker can hope for, such as fitting, functionality, and comfort. Its responsiveness, power, premium build, and modern design ensure any rider can take on the toughest obstacles and harshest weather conditions with confidence. And if you are looking for the same, then Giant Talon 3 may be a very smart choice.

Who is the Giant Talon 3 for?

2019 Giant Talon 3

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the bike, starting off with that classic off-road design. When you take a first look at this bike, you realize it’s made for those who want an excellent XC trail experience due to modern features and reliable performance. Giant is marketing it towards beginners who are looking to up their game with a high-performance bike. But, that doesn’t mean it will disappoint experienced riders. They can also enjoy the innovative features that come with Talon 3. As for the price, Talon 3 costs approximately 750 USD for the base model. Therefore, it is pretty affordable for a large segment of the biking industry.

Furthermore, Talon 3 boasts Tektro hydraulic disc brakes connect to Tektro HDC M275 levers, 100 suspension fork, and SRAM & Shimano gear sets, along with other quality components that enhance the overall performance of the bike on long rides. That is why I believe Giant Talon 3 is perfect for a novice biker who wants a bike that can fine-tune their riding skills and help them enter the world of single-track riding without emptying their bank accounts.

With that said, let’s take a look now at the pros and cons of this mountain bike.

Pros & Cons: Giant Talon 3

From a purely technical standpoint, there are several pros and cons of this bike, depending on your preferences. Let’s take a look at both of them separately.


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    • This mountain bike has a 100 mm front suspension fork along with a hydraulic lockout. Because of this, its support is excellent, especially on rough and uneven topography.
    • Its Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are super powerful. They can stop your bike in virtually any weather condition.
    • It has an ALUXX aluminum frame. This adds versatility while keeping the two-wheeler lightweight and durable.
    • It also has a Shimano 2 x 8-speed drivetrain. Therefore, the bike is pretty responsive to any gear changes en route.


    • Giant Talon 3 is available in three colors: Black, Olive Green, and Metallic Blue. This is pretty limiting. We wish there were more color options.
    • Its tires are somewhat of a mismatch with the rest of the bike construction and setup.
    • Its non-tubeless tires may be problematic for some people.

    In-Depth Feature Look


    New Giant Talon 3 MTB Frame

    As we mentioned previously, the frame of Giant Talon 3 is constructed with ALUXX aluminum. It is extremely sturdy yet very lightweight. It’s also very flickable and modern, allowing you to take it anywhere. When trailing outside steep inclines, you don’t have to worry about damage or scratches to your frame. The frame also comes paired with an SR SuntourXCT30 HLO fork, a lockout element, and an adjuster. Therefore you can conveniently adjust your style on the fly if you want. Last but not least, the fork has 100mm of travel, which is pretty much a standard these days.


    Giant Talon 3 Brakes

    We talked a little about brakes earlier. The Giant Talon 3 has Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc brakes. These are very reliable to stop the bike on pretty much any terrain you may encounter. Backed by Shimano Altus shifters, these brakes allow you to change your velocity as well as positioning within seconds to tackle unexpected challenges along the way. Besides, the control over the handling is also amplified by its 30.9 mm Giant Connect Trail handlebar. No more fear of losing control over your bike in rough terrain!


    Giant Talon 3 Wheels

    The Giant Talon 3 comes fitted with a double-wall wheelset and Maxxis Ikon 27.5 x 2.2 inches wire bead tires. These are sure wide, but you can further upgrade them to 29 inches if need be. For better reliability, we suggest going tubeless. It will save you from punctures every now and then. With such a powerful wheelset and tire combination, you can expect maximum traction on different surfaces along with excellent handling capacity. Therefore you can enjoy the journey more and fret over giving your bike a rest or smashing into a treeless.


    Prowheel 22/36 crankset

    The Giant Talon 3 uses a much heavier yet totally functional drivetrain when compared with Talon 1 and Talon 2. It has a 2×8 speed Shimano drivetrain. This provides dependable shifting, efficient power distribution, and accurate handling throughout your journey. Its functional performance is further enhanced with the help of a Prowheel 22/36 crankset. As for the derailleurs, Giant Talon 3 has a Microshift FD-M282 front derailleur and a Shimano Acera rear derailleur. Talon 3 uses 14g stainless steel spokes and Alloy disc 32H hubs to finish off a clean look.

    Alternative Recommendations

    #1 Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

    Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

    Built with a purely aluminum frame, the Schwinn Bonafide Mountain bike is durable and stable on all terrain. It boasts a powerful Schwinn suspension fork that keeps you comfortable regardless of a bumpy road. Moreover, the 24 speed Shimano EZ shifters help with on-the-fly gear shifting. Therefore, you are always keeping up with the demands of your ride.

    The Bonafide has 29 inches wheels and double-wall alloy rims. As for the brakes, it has front and rear mechanical disc brakes for responsive stops. These components add flexibility and versatility to the overall design. Last but not least, the ally cranks reduce your routine maintenance time along with delivering a dependable shifting experience.

    A minor inconvenience is that it needs assembly on delivery. However, assembly is very easy. You don’t have to be a pro to jot things together. Plus, there’s a 5-year manufacturer warranty which is pretty neat.

    #2 Omeng Shock Speed Mountain Bike

    Omeng Shock Speed Mountain Bike

    The Omen Shock Speed Mountain Bike, on the other hand, is made with a high carbon steel frame. It has a premium-grade suspension fork, delivering excellent impact absorption. The combo of these two components alone can deliver comfy off-road cruising without any worries of damaging your bike.

    This bike is outfitted with a unique 6 spoke wheel and tire combination that withstands diverse weather conditions and terrain with ease. You can also choose your speed thanks to excellent front & rear disc brakes and full suspension while riding in sand, mud, creeks, and hilly region.

    The most distinctive feature of this bike is that it comes with a quick-release clamp. With its help, you can easily fold the bike in half. It’s a perfect solution for people who want something durable yet portable. You can just fold it and store it in your car.

    #3 SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

    SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

    The third alternative is Savadeck Deck300. Like the previous bike, it has a carbon fiber construction that is durable and functional yet very lightweight. This makes it a very versatile bike for different environments. It comes with Shimano M6000 DEORE 3x10s derailleur mechanism. So, you can launch your rides without any hassle.

    Its brakes are also Shimano, using an MT200 disc braking system backed by continental tires. It uses dual mechanical disc brakes for accurate and on-the-spot halting capability in any terrain or weather condition. Deck300 also uses an SR Suntour fork for enhanced control and maneuverability due to its 100mm travel.

    Furthermore, its continental tires are ideal for long train journeys, offering excellent grip and traction. Overall, Savadeck’s Deck300 is a worthy alternative to Giant Talon 3 simply because of its lightweight Toray 800 carbon fiber construction and its equally powerful braking system.

    #4 Steppenwolf Men’s Tundra Pro Hardtail Mountain Bike

    Steppenwolf Men’s Tundra Pro Hardtail Mountain Bike

    Finally, we have The Steppenwolf Men’s Tundra Pro. This mountain bike has a light aluminum x6 frame paired with RockShox Reba RL 100mm fork. It comes fitted with an Afline 8 Rapidfire shifter for highly responsive gear changes. It has Schwalbe’s marathon tires that are fitted atop of M240 wheel with Shimano spokes. This combo provides maximum support and comfort to the rider.

    A noticeable design feature of this bike is its short rear section. It is ultra-lightweight, making it highly agile and easy to maneuver, especially in tight spots and switchbacks. Add it to the fact that it utilizes very responsive Shimano br-m506 180 or 160mm brakes, and the bike will stop right where you are as soon as the brakes are applied.

    Lastly, its saddle is Sirio S1 sitting on an Ea50 post, making it very comfy for long rides. Overall, it’s a powerful bike with some innovative and modern riding features.


    Is the Giant Talon 3 tubeless?

    No. Giant Talon 3 tires are not tubeless. However, they are tubeless-ready, which means you can easily replace the tires with tubeless ones.  It has a very durable quality build overall, making for an excellent beginner’s hardtail mountain bike.

    What is the difference between Giant Talon 2 and 3?

    While there are several differences between the two, the primary difference boils down to the fact that both use a different drivetrain. Giant Talon 2 has a 2×9 drivetrain. On the other hand, Giant Talon 3 uses a 2×8 drivetrain. Therefore, both of these bikes are suitable for different market bases.

    Is the Giant Talon 3 a good starter bike?

    Of course, Giant Talon 3 is an excellent starter bike. It is affordable and boasts some amazing modern features. If you have some experience with riding and want to get into mountain biking, especially long trail mountainous rides, then the Giant Talon 3 is an excellent option to consider.

    Honest Opinion

    Giant Talon 3 MTB

    While we wish Giant Bikes had offered more color options and tubeless tires to go with Talon 3, there’s plenty to like about this bike. It is jam-packed with premium features and premium components like a powerful Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc brake system and ALUXX construction. As a result, Talon 3 makes a formidable candidate in the entry-level XC mountain bikes market.

    If you want a high-performance and versatile bike that can take on some rugged terrain without breaking down, then go for Giant Talon 3.


    All things considered, Giant Talon 3 is an affordable powerhouse of a machine. However, before making any final decision, we suggest considering the bike’s features and your requirements. This way, you can have a much better idea of whether (or not) this bike is a good investment for you. We hope the information provided in this review is useful enough to make an informed decision on your own. Thank you for reading, and do let us know your thoughts in the usual place.

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