How to Get Compensated After a Bicycle Accident

Safety should be first on your list when riding a bicycle, but sometimes, no matter how conscious you are, other participants in traffic are against you. Unfortunately, cyclists are the victims of numerous accidents on the road because of their vulnerable state.

They are less visible on the roads and are less protected than other road users, so there is a greater chance for a cyclist to sustain an injury from a crash with a motor vehicle. Still, cyclists can get compensation as much as any other road user, so if you’ve been involved in an accident, find out more about how to get compensation.

Seek Legal Help

Cycling is a great way to travel for both economic purposes and a healthier lifestyle. Yet, accidents can happen, so cyclists who have been injured in road accidents need to receive the compensation they deserve. This process can be easier if you decide to visit this website and get help with finding evidence and accomplishing the requirements you have.

Your legal help will be necessary if you’ve suffered damages due to the negligence of other road users, and they can facilitate the process significantly. For that reason, don’t try to be your own defender but find experienced professionals who’ll prevent parties involved from obstructing the process.

Assess Your Injuries

bike in pedestrian

When a bicycle accident happens, the first thing you should do is assess your injuries if you have one. After suffering a shock, check if your extremities are moving or if you have any serious cuts or gashes. Likewise, you may feel dizzy or disoriented, for you can be injured even if you don’t feel anything at the moment.

If you feel pain or you have visible injuries, don’t move too much and wait for help to arrive. Also, these injuries can serve as proof if you want to seek compensation and if the guilty party doesn’t want to compensate you.

Don’t Negotiate with the Party Involved

Don’t try to negotiate with the driver, who’ll probably try to convince you not to seek compensation. Even in the case when the driver apologizes and accepts the blame, they can change their opinion later and not pay a fee.

Right after the accident, you won’t be able to realize the full extent of your injuries or damage to your bicycle, so the guilty party can deny the accident later. Be cautious, wait for the police to arrive, and estimate the damage before you say even a word.

Document the Accident

If you are capable enough, try to remember certain things about the accident and document it. It means you should know when, where, and how it happened and who was on the guilty side.


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    Also, think about traffic, weather conditions, and roads because it could help you in case you want proper compensation. As soon as you can, write everything down or use a cell phone to document the scene, your injuries, and the vehicles involved. In that way, it’ll be easier for you to prove that you’re innocent and that you’re entitled to gain compensation.

    Wait for the Police

    The driver is involved, and you are obliged to stay at the scene of the accident if you have been injured or suffered damage. Even if your injuries or damage are minor, wait for the police to arrive, because you may realize the seriousness of the injuries later. If you leave the scene immediately, it’ll be impossible to track down the driver.

    Also, make sure that police record your report because they will pay more attention to the driver’s version of events than a cyclist’s. Report any injury and damage, make sure your statement is included in the report, and take the accident report number to contact it when necessary.

    Keep Evidence

    The moment you suffer a bicycle accident, preserve any damaged clothes and bike parts that you shouldn’t repair. If you want to repair it, and if it’s necessary for you, take photos of it and write down the damages. As with your bike, you should document your injuries and consult a doctor after an accident happens for a written evaluation.

    For several days, you should record your symptoms and keep them for the sake of evidence. Parties involved are often prone to postponing the trial, so you need to have every piece of evidence by your side to help yourself whenever judgment is rendered.

    Taking all this into account, if you are a cyclist, remember that you must be careful and responsible as much as other road users. You have the same rights and obligations, so don’t neglect any of them. Other drivers need to respect the rights of cyclists and remember to share the road and avoid accidents. It’s also in your interest to take the necessary steps after an accident happens to protect your basic rights.

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