10 Safety Tips For First Time Electric Scooter Riders

Getting a brand new electric scooter can be very exciting, but there are some important things you should know before riding them.

10 Safety Tips For First Time Electric Scooter Riders

Given below are some safety tips for first-time riders.

1. Take Appropriate Safety Measures

First-time electric scooter riders should never neglect wearing proper safety gear. In fact, it is very important that every rider wears a helmet whether they are amateur or professional.

Falling from a scooter onto a hard surface and hitting your head can result in a fatal head injury if you are not wearing a helmet. Beginners or first-timers should wear other additional gear like knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves.

2. Be Familiar With Your Scooter’s Controls

All electric scooters and kids scooter come with informative manuals which give you all the instructions you need to ride your scooter. Familiarize yourself with the different controls and test them out.

The manual will also contain assembly instructions and other precautions you should take.

3. Start Out At A Slow Speed

Yes, it can be exciting to cruise through the streets in your brand new electric scooter. However, this is not a wise decision if you are a beginner.

Always start out slow and once you start mastering the controls and maintaining your balance, you can go for higher speeds. It is dangerous to start out fast since you might find yourself going out of control.

However, always go with the best electric scooters out there. According to TheScooterGuide.com, the best electric scooters for commuting are Razor’s EcoSmart Metro HD, Dualtron Mini, and Segways’ Ninebot Kick scooter MAX.

4. Practice Using Your Brakes

Practice using your scooter’s brakes. For maximum safety, it is always better to use brakes while slowing down instead of braking suddenly. Sudden braking can throw you off balance.


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    You should also try to avoid braking during turns since the scooter gets more difficult to control.

    5. Be Aware Of Bumps And Potholes

    It is always better to practice riding your scooter on smooth surfaces first. Then you can shift to more textured areas like roads.

    While riding your scooter, look out for bumps, potholes, obstacles, or any other sudden changes on the road surface. You can go over small bumps slowly with proper control but bigger ones must be avoided.

    6. Avoid Riding In Heavy Traffic Areas

    It is best to avoid busy roads and city streets while you practice riding on your scooter. Heavy traffic can cause you to become distracted and overwhelmed. It is also possible that vehicles won’t notice your scooter since it is less noticeable than other vehicles. Therefore, never go near oncoming vehicles whether you’re riding a scooter or skateboard.

    If you are someone who wants to commute from your home to other places on your electric scooter or board, always stick to less busy routes.

    7. Practice Accelerating And Decelerating

    The throttle control of the electric scooter is used for accelerating the speed of the scooter. Press the throttle slowly for a more uniform acceleration. Pressing it super hard can cause your electric scooter to jerk forward.

    Make sure you don’t press too hard on your handlebars. Your feet and body should be doing the majority of the work while riding a scooter.

    8. Refrain From Using Your Phone While Riding

    You have probably heard how unsafe it is to use your phone while driving a car. The same goes for scooters as well.

    Anything that makes you lose your focus or distracts you should be avoided at all costs and this applies to your phone as well.

    9. Avoid Riding In Bad Weather Conditions

    You should avoid riding your scooter in case of bad weather conditions like heavy rain or snow.

    Rain can make the roads very slippery and this will reduce the traction of your scooter’s tires. This can result in dangerous accidents.

    10. Don’t Forget To Lock Your Scooter

    Locking your scooter will prevent it from rolling away or being accessed by a stranger.

    Cable locks are affordable lock options but they might not provide the best security. If you want extra security, go for D-locks or U-locks.


    If you are having trouble understanding the manual or have other doubts about the scooter, make sure you ask a professional. You don’t want to risk hurting yourself or damaging the scooter.


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