Popular European Cycling Routes for Students

Cycling is an opportunity to get away from everyday stress and annoying duties. Imagine being a student and tired of assignments, tests, and exams. Surely you will like the idea of being alone with nature. However, first, you should find good cycling routes to travel safely and comfortably throughout Europe. So, here are the options that will suit you best.

Winning Tip: Passau, Germany, to Vienna

If you are in Germany, you should start your route from Linz to get to Passau and start your adventure. Starting the trail along the Inn River is a good idea as you can enjoy nature. Gradually you will find yourself near the Danube River and will be able to drive along the vineyards.

Closer to the outskirts of Vienna, your route will run through orchards, so enjoy the moment. Having reached Vienna, you should stay overnight and enjoy your holiday. You will have two options in the morning: ride your bike back or buy a train ticket.

Via Francigena: The Pilgrim Route From Canterbury to Rome

Via Francigena is an amazing route made by archbishop Sigeric for religious purposes. Every year, thousands of pilgrims try to walk more than 1800 kilometers to understand how difficult it was for the archbishop to overcome all the difficulties on his way.

Luckily, cyclists won’t have to experience too much discomfort. The whole route to Rome is quite comfortable if your bike tires are wide enough. In addition, you will have to cross part of the Alps and the Apennines, which will certainly allow you to take a lot of good photos.

But do not forget that the route can take a week or even more, especially if you often stop for the night. In the case of such a long trip, students should delegate most of the assignments in advance to avoid low grades. Choose a reliable writing company like proessay, so you don’t have to worry about the details.

Cycling the River Loire, France

The Loire is a river that flows through France and is quite long. There is a comfortable road, gardens, and many trees along the river. Such a cycling route is especially relevant in spring or summer when the grass around is green and birds chirp over cyclists’ heads.

In addition, you can always make a halt and relax under the trees. Another plus is finding water and food if you want to interrupt your route and rest. By the way, you will surely be able to enjoy the masterpieces of ancient architecture during your route. All you need is not to fall during the trip, as you will surely look around and marvel at the beauty of the old houses.

Romantic Road, Southern Germany

If you love to travel around the old cities of Germany, then the so-called “Romantic road” is what you need. Your route will run along with the Nördlingen fortress through Augsburg. On a bike ride, you will see old towns, magnificent gardens, and even the Alps in the distance (at the end of the route). You will surely be impressed when you see Neuschwanstein castle towering over the treetops. Another plus of this route is bike rentals.

Now you do not need to think about getting to the starting point correctly and all your equipment and supplies. The only problem for students is the length of the route. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your student debt as you can easily delegate your papers. But first, you should ask yourself a few questions, like “Who can help me with my papers? is 99papers legit? Can I trust these guys?” Find answers to your questions on the net, and you can abstract from the academic routine because all your assignments will be professionally completed by real experts.


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    The Sublime Road to the Croatian Coast

    If you ever find yourself in Croatia, you should find the D25 road leading from Gospić to Karlobag. Imagine twenty-four kilometers of amazing mountain passes, tunnels, rocky islands, and a unique view of the Adriatic Sea. Surely you will stop every five minutes from taking new photos and enjoying new views.

    Such a road will require good physical preparation from you since, at first, you will have to climb up for a long time. However, the further route after the mountain tunnels will allow you to drive down and enjoy the fresh air.

    Why Do Students Love Cycling?

    For many students, cycling is a process that has much in common with meditation. Imagine driving through a picturesque area, and nothing prevents you from enjoying nature. Cool air and birdsong will certainly allow you to be abstract from any worries.

    Students need relaxation and activities not related to the academic routine. As a general rule, you should rent a bike at least once every couple of weeks to enjoy the rides on the routes above. Such a strategy may help you say goodbye to stress.

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