Essential Tools All Cyclists Should Have

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cycling has increased in popularity. As many people started to work from home, the streets saw less motor traffic and more people getting their daily exercise.

With little to do at home, many people looked for safe ways to get a break from their daily routine. So, what better way to escape reality than getting out for some exercise.

Bike sales soared during the lockdown, and they continue to do so. What’s more, the boom in bike sales has encouraged more people to cycle to work. Therefore, having a positive impact on the environment.

So, if you’re someone who owns a bike or looking to purchase one soon, read on to see our guide to the essential tools all cyclists should have.

Bike Puncture Repair Kit

Punctures are extremely common, especially if you take your bike off-road. So, ensuring you have cover in case of emergencies will ensure you’re back on the road in no time.

Your kit should include things like tire sealant and instant repair patches. Having a puncture repair kit handy means you can keep using your bike until you need to replace your tire altogether.

Wrench and Wrench Parts

A wrench set is an essential part of your bike tool kit. Finding a kit with a variety of sizes in it will ensure you have the correct wrench for your needs. Keeping your bike bolts tight will reduce the chance of damage and keep your bike working correctly.

As a wrench is an important part of bike repairs, you need to keep those working well. So, investing in wrench parts will ensure your wrench works safely and effectively. Wrench parts will keep your wrenches working for longer. Therefore, keeping you cycling for as long as possible.

Repair Stand 

If you’ve become a bike fanatic and regularly go for a ride, investing in a repair stand could be a sensible option. Taking your bike to get repaired costs time and money. So, having a repair stand at home means you can do the repairs yourself. Whether it’s a general wear and tear or a larger issue, a repair stand allows you to see the issue and sort it with ease.

Zip Ties

If you’re working on your own, you might need some help repairing your bike. However, when help isn’t possible, zip ties will become your best friend. Keep your chains and other bike parts in place with zip ties, freeing you up to work on other parts of the bike – a useful, hard-wearing, helpful piece of equipment.


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