Eskute Announces Plans to Launch New Mountain and City E-bike Models in 2022

After rapidly expanding the market in 2021, Eskute, a fast-growing e-Bike company, has announced exciting new plans to upgrade its highly popular series of city bikes and mountain bikes in 2022.

The 2022 models will boast a significantly improved riding range and battery life compared to their predecessors. In tandem, Eskute plans to launch its first-ever fat tire electric bike model on the market in 2022.

The E-bike Industry Is Undergoing a Period of Rapid Growth

As more consumers seek sustainable transportation solutions that help them stay active and protect the environment. According to Statista, the global e-Bike market is projected to be worth over $120 billion by 2030, with Europeans alone expected to buy an extra 10 million bikes per year.

In line with market opportunities, Eskute expanded its business rapidly in 2021 with the launch of four product models, including two urban bikes and two off-road mountain bikes.

All Eskute E-bike Models Are Fully Compliant With Europe’s Electronic Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC)

EPAC regulations are limited to 250W of power, so customers do not need a license to ride on public roads. The entry-level mountain and city e-bikes feature a high-performance Bafang rear-mounted hub motor with 7-speed transmission, improved battery life up to 40 or 44 miles per charge, and anti-puncture tires.

For those seeking greater performance, Eskute’s Pro models are equipped with a mid-drive motor for better traction and stability on the road and the track, and greater battery capacity for riding ranges over 60 miles.

The Pro models also have an additional Max. 65 N.m. torque sensor that saves time and physical labor during rides, increases the continued mileage and extends the life of the battery.

Both city and mountain e-bikes are designed according to their respective usage scenarios, so customers get maximum benefits from their ride.

“The e-bike market has garnered plenty of attention in recent years. At Eskute, we have won the loyalty of customers in 2021 with our outstanding R&D capabilities and strong supply chain. Our 2022 models will build upon the strong foundations of our existing e-bikes and incorporate customer feedback to bring an enhanced riding experience for consumers around the world,” said Alan Chen, the CEO of Eskute.

Eskute has managed to achieve rapid sales growth throughout its online sales channels in 2021. Despite the pandemic and global supply chain challenges, Eskute has always maintained the best price and sufficient supply for customers. This commitment to service has seen the brand record 140% growth in the UK market between Q2 and Q4 2021, and 175% growth in the European Union.


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    Beyond upgrading its product series in 2022, Eskute has set its sights on opening offline stores and after-sale centers and accelerating its cooperation with dealers and business partners. In doing so, the company seeks to expand local production in Europe and help more people ride for freedom, ride for fun, and ride for the planet.

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