Addmotor M-340 Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

Are you on the hunt for a high-quality and powerful three-wheel electric bike? The latest electric bikes in the market are an excellent choice for recreation or your everyday commute. M-340 is one of the best E-bikes that offer endless benefits. You can have the best riding experience with this Addmotor tricycle.

It features a Bafang front hub motor and provides smooth acceleration. With the large capacity battery and other unique features, you can enjoy a long -cruising range and a good ride with optimal comfort. Here are some features that the Addmotor M-340 Fat Tire Electric Tricycle is equipped with.

Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery

You don’t need to worry about the battery running out of power because the fat tire electric trike comes with lithium-ion battery cells. This gives enough battery capacity and allows you to travel for a long time.

The battery of M-340 is designed with 48 volts on a 17.5Ah amp hour system. The Samsung cells in the battery give the electric tricycles an estimated range of 55 miles.

Well-Designed Step-Thru Frame

This e-trike is designed with a step-thru frame. This allows the rider to get on and off the vehicle quickly. The thick padded saddle comes with an adjustable handlebar that offers excellent comfort.

You can ride the bike for long hours without feeling any discomfort. The durable frame is scratch resistant and will keep the e-bike in the best condition.

750-Watt Front Mounted Motor

The Bafang motor is attached to the front wheel. This motor allows you to enjoy quick hill climbing. The M-340 has a 750 nominal Bafang hub motor with 80 Newton-meter torque.

The fat tire electric tricycle offers much power compared to some more expensive brands. The motor is on the front wheel and will allow you to avoid the wheel slip. You don’t have to be mindful while riding, as the front-mounted motor will keep you aware of your movements.

Spring Suspension Fork

This M-340 model is designed with 80 mm suspension forks. It helps to soak up the bumps and allows you to move swiftly on rugged terrain. This e-bike gives you the smoothest ride possible. The suspension on the M-340 does a great job of smoothing out the ride.

Mechanical Disk Brakes

If you want to stop the power of your electric fat trike, there is a good option. Tektro mechanical disk brakes will help you stop the trike at the right time. It features a 180 mm rotor at the front and rear wheels both.


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    The brakes in the right wheel will lock up if you don’t move it correctly, though. You can hit the rear brake without putting any pressure on your legs. It is best to adjust this trike’s settings according to your requirements.

    Dual Brake System

    The three-wheeled electric bike features a dual brake system. It features a rear brake light and an auto motor cut-off. You don’t have to worry as it ensures safe braking even at a very high speed.

    An integrated headlight helps you have a safe ride even in the darkness of the night. Some users worry about changing or replacing their charging battery. However, you can keep a check when it is low and charge it immediately.



    The front motor offers 750 watts of power for the users. If you are fond of riding the bike, let it move swiftly no matter how hard the surface. The 3-wheel electric bikes have a lot of power that can extend up to 1,000 watts. You can go hill climbing as the battery allows you to move for a maximum of 55 miles.

    The pedal assist mode offers a lot of convenience for bike riders. As the battery is of high capacity, you can lock and remove it anytime. It is simple to charge your battery and use your bike for many hours. This bike is eco-friendly and can keep the environment safe too.

    Rear Basket

    The rear basket comes packed with a waterproof storage bag. You can place your belongings inside and stylishly start your journey. There is ample room to store all the everyday essentials quite easily.

    The handle is easy to adjust and features a U-Style curve. It will be best at everything if you adjust the handle at the right or left angle. Adjusting your height to find the most comfortable riding position is easy.

    Wrap Up

    M-340 is a comfortable trike that offers a lot of convenience for users. It is a suitable choice for having fun at the beach or on your trip to the grocery shop.

    You can have a leisurely ride or whatever you are looking for. Addmotor offers this product at the most affordable rates. The three-wheel electric bike is stable, while the design is stylish too.

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