6 Electric Bike Safety Tips

Focusing on improving health and staying in shape, along with environmental awareness, is causing a major shift in the bike industry. More people are ditching their cars and turning to e-bikes worldwide, as it’s an excellent and reliable alternative means of transportation.

Purchasing an e-bike at an online e-bike shop will get you around and save you money while protecting the environment and keeping you fit.

But what about protection? Riding a bike may be fun and games, but not at the expense of endangering your safety. Ebikes are similar to regular bikes, but there are some tips you need to consider next time you go for a ride.

A Helmet is a Must

Helmets are a piece of essential safety equipment that every biker must-have. It protects from severe head injuries by minimizing the impact force, thus preventing injuries to the skull.

Not wearing one is considered the leading cause of injuries when bikers are involved in an accident.

You might think that wearing a helmet when riding a bike is the standard, but you’ll be surprised how many cyclists choose not to wear one. Not all accidents result in head trauma, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Warning Devices for Visibility and Audibility

Electric bikes are silent, so pedestrians and cars cannot hear you when moving with one. Installing warning and lighting devices is the key to safety when riding the roads.

A bell will be sufficient to warn pedestrians of your presence and a horn for alerting cars. However, you should be careful not to mix them up and scare pedestrians with horns that tend to be loud.

Ensuring e-bike visibility means installing a front and rear light. Many accidents happen during the night when cyclists are not marked, and riding in dim and low visibility conditions without any visibility gear may be riskier.

Whether riding during the day or night, wearing bright-colored clothing is recommended. Fluorescent jackets are a great visibility tool, and you can also go for reflective gloves.


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    You could consider purchasing jackets with stick-on LED lights as well. Whatever you choose, make sure your clothes “scream” your presence on the road.

    Mind Your Speed and Braking

    E-bikes can get fast and reach higher speeds than you might expect. Always be mindful of how fast you are riding because, believe it or not, there are speed limits for e electric bikes. They vary depending on the country, so check the laws and regulations on e-bikes before hitting the road.

    Kinetic energy is a tricky thing. Electric bikes tend to go faster due to the added weight, decreasing the reaction time, making braking different from a regular two-wheeler.

    Therefore, you should get used to hitting the break on time before going out on the road. In the case of e-bikes, it is earlier if you wish to avoid hitting something.

    Brakes provide safety when used at the right time.

    Use of Mirrors

    We already agreed that you need to make yourself visible, but you also must be aware of your surroundings while riding your electric bike. With traditional bikes, you don’t need mirrors because you move at a slower speed and react quickly in situations. However, when it comes to e-bikes, things are a bit different.

    You need to know what is happening around you when riding an e-bike in city traffic or on any road or trail. Riding at a faster speed doesn’t give you the commodity to turn your head and check if someone is behind you.

    Mirrors are a safety tool that will make electric bike riding stress-free, reduce potential accidents and keep you safe.

    Cautious Mounting and Dismounting

    Electric bikes are a godsend for the elderly population and those with mobility issues, but at the same time, they may be too much for them to handle. This mainly applies to the e-bike’s weight.

    Getting on and off a traditional bike is easy, and it differs from that of e-bikes. You can easily lose your balance and land on the pavement. To avoid this, practice getting on and off your e-bike in your yard, where the grass will ease the landing. Yes, the weight of the e-bike can pull you on your knees or behind.

    Those who are not strong enough will face difficulties when handling an e-bike.

    Lifting it on a bike rack or carrying it up or down the stairs can present a safety issue. Make sure to either purchase a lighter-weight model, change the storage place of your bike or find someone to do the heavy lifting for you.

    Get Informed on Riding Off-Road

    E-bikes are treated as motorized vehicles in certain places and are not allowed on traditional bike trails. It is a good idea to research local rules before your next e-bike tour. If you are allowed to use trails, always be alert of other trail users.

    Using headphones while riding trials presents a potential danger, so leave them home.

    Moreover, know your electric bike motor wattage and battery power. If you rely too much on the motor at full capacity, it might leave you stranded at a moment when you are tired and need it the most.

    Always be mindful of the e-bike’s limits as well as your own.

    Safety Above All

    By reading this, you may be wondering if electric bikes are safe. The answer lies in how much you are willing to follow safety guidelines — just like with any other form of transportation, riding an electric bike can be enjoyable if you take all the precautionary measures.

    Rules and regulations are not there to threaten you or annoy you in any way. The regulations are set to keep you and others around you safe.

    Electric bike rides can be a fantastic experience with family and friends. Remove any potential threats leading to accidents and enjoy your time bonding with your e-bike.

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