DIY Bike Dog Walker

Many people who like to ride bikes want to incorporate their four legged friends into the act.  For smaller dogs like Yorkies, this often means a basket or trailer of some sort.  Larger dogs may be able to run alongside a bike but it can be somewhat dangerous if you don’t do it right.

Make Your Own Bike-Mounted Dog Walker

I would not recommend for example putting a dog leash around your handlebars.  If you had a decent sized dog and it saw a squirrel while you had the leash around your handlebars or even in your hand, you are likely going to end up it the E.R.

In an entry some time ago we featured two out of the box products to assist with walking a dog.  Reader Rona was interested incorporating her dog into her biking habit but did not want to throw down the cash for a Springer so she created her own. The text and picture below are from her web site which you should definitely check out for the full run down.  Thanks Rona!

diy bike dog leash

A few months ago I saw a woman with a stick attached under the seat of her bike that jutted out to the side for her dog.  It solved a lot of the problems.  Her dog was firmly under control by her body weight.  He could not pull on the handlebars and yet he was 3 feet away from the wheels and a safe distance.

So I’ve been looking around some for something like that, but I didn’t see anything I had liked enough to buy. This morning I got kind of fed up with it and pulled out an old SCA buffer sword from the garage and rigged it up to work as a dog stick.   It’s strong yet flexible, already padded on the outside for some safety.. and best of all.. it’s already paid for.

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