The Best Destination for Your Next Us Bike Vacation

Riding a bike is one of the best activities almost anyone can enjoy no matter the age, fitness level, location, and budget. It’s one of the healthiest things you can do, both for your physical and mental health.

Did we mention that it’s also the most efficient mode of human transportation in the world? We can’t find a reason to not go on a bicycle tour, and a vacation is a perfect time for that.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to have a wonderful bike trip in the US.

Before You Head Out

For this kind of trip, you would need a suitable two-wheeler, and we assume that you either have one or are planning to buy one in the near future. It doesn’t have to be a new one or an expensive kind, but it does have to be reliable.

You should be good to go if you are on a timely maintenance schedule, but if you have been skipping on it lately, it’s high time to visit a professional in your area and take a thorough look at your bike.

Because this is a longer trip, you need to be sure that your vehicle can make it, and cause you no more trouble than your regular twenty-minute drive.  If you decide that you need a new bike after all, here are the best beginner bike options for your simple no-hassle tour.

Unless you have the bike checked right when you buy it, we would still suggest you have it examined by a mechanic before your vacation.

The Best Destination Year-Round

If we could give you more than one idea for a trip, the most obvious second choice would be a tour of Oregon’s beautiful forests, vast lakes, and the Cascade Mountains. A close third would be a tour of the California coast to see the plentiful sunshine, exciting trails, and interesting sites.

But Oregon “suffers” from bad rainy weather almost year-round, and the California coastline gets too hot and it is often too crowded to recommend it as a vacation spot. Let us offer you the best of both worlds in one destination.

Our Nevada route can give you exactly that. With its green sights, blue water lakes, mountains and a bit of a desert as well. Let’s jump right into it.


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    Carson City to Las Vegas, Nevada

    by the lake view

    Starting at or near the capital of Nevada Twenty-five miles from the city center, Flume Trail is your destination. It offers one of the best views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, a one-of-a-kind view you will remember for the rest of your life.

    At one thousand five hundred feet above the lake, the sights you will see are well worth a visit.

    To get from Carson City to Las Vegas you have three options. You can ride through the state of Nevada, which is a fine choice with many sights along the way. You can take a bit of a detour and venture into nearby California to visit up to four national parks along the way: Stanislaus, Yosemite, Sierra National Forest, and the Death Valley.

    These are some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes a human can ever visit.

    Between options one and two, we kindly hint that two is the advisable one. Of course, there is always option three, motorized transport directly from Carson to Las Vegas, but the plan is a bike vacation. Right?

    At your last stop, you get a hefty prize. You get to stay in Las Vegas and have all the rest and fun you need. It’s a great city to navigate on a bike, so don’t pack it in yet.

    The Grand Canyon is too close to miss as a finale for your tour, but when you are done, you can have fun at the casinos a few times. If big crowds aren’t your thing right now, you can experience the same thrill and excitement at an online casino.

    Plan to Have a Good Time

    While in theory, everything goes perfectly, it’s best to be prepared if anything happens on the road. Part of the plan should be knowing where you can get your bike repaired should anything happen along the way.

    A DIY bike stand will work wonders at home, but on a vacation, you need an expert to fix your bicycle quickly, you don’t want any of that.

    When you start your mapping and planning, include all the important locations for the tour. Bike repair shops, landmarks, hospitals, supermarkets where you will get your supplies, places to sleep. Ideally, have the entire route planned out and on a map.

    Last Tip

    You need to get miles and miles under your legs so that when you are cruising at a national park all you do is enjoy yourself. Time in the saddle is the way to go here.


    Make sure you are at least in moderate physical shape to go on this kind of vacation. It’s not a walk in the part, but it’s not an extreme expedition by any means.


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