Dating A Cyclist And Why Cycling Is One Of The Best Outdoors Leisure Activities

We all know that a healthy body means a healthy life. This statement has never been more vital than nowadays. We’re leading a sitting type of lifestyle. All our working hours are done at the desk. Even when we rest, we tend to sit in front of the TV and watch whatever. It’s crucial to start to move, and cycling is a great way to do so.

The cycling community is a huge one, and you can find cycling enthusiasts all over the globe. You can be sure you’ll find your soulmate amongst these healthy bodies. If you’re an amateur in cycling, before joining their community, go online and find a cyclist.

That way, you can learn a bit more about that rewarding activity. Also, you can get closer to that cute cyclist and ask for tips. Read on and learn why people love cycling and how to catch a date with a cyclist.

Things To Consider When Dating A Cyclist

Before dating a cyclist, be prepared that they are like demigods. Not many people have that will of steel and thirst for adrenaline like cyclists. If you’re out of shape, don’t pretend to be in one. You’ll lose your breath in a few minutes, as well as the respect of the desired cyclist. Honesty is the best policy. Always.

Everyone with a profile on a platform made for women looking for a man knows it’s futile to fake anything because all masks fall first on the video chat and once a couple meets. You can’t say you’re a pro cyclist and then fall off the bike 3 times in 5 minutes. No one finds that attractive.

But online dating platforms are still a way to find dates in the area and arrange the meeting in a few minutes because of the local filter. If either side is hesitant to meet or isn’t sure about the date, they can use the video chat feature and see each other. Maybe even show off their bikes.

Another thing to remember is that cyclists are early birds with many friends. So forget sleeping late; that’s not in a cyclist’s vocabulary. If you’re introverted, you’ll maybe be intimidated by the numerous friends he has. Don’t shy away. That can help you to get out of your comfort zone.

Cyclists are unique beings that require a lot of love and understanding. If their lifestyle is not for you, don’t try to change them; you’ll only make them mad. Respect their bike and the time spent with it.

What You Should Pack When Going On A Cycling Date

By now, you’ve realized that regular dates (and holidays!) are off the table with a cyclist. They’ll take every chance they can to cycle. When going on a date with a cyclist, you know that the date will be outside.

Surprise your man with a cycling tour around the town and end it with a picnic. Pack lightly and bring only essential things. A blanket, a few sandwiches, and a bottle of water are all you need. Maybe your guy loves to be on the road for a few days. In that case, you should also pack essential things.


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    Bring a map, compass, a few extra t-shirts, and pants. Cyclists will show you that you don’t need much to have a great time.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Cycling Date?

    As mentioned above, a cyclist will always find a way to go out and ride a bike. This means a lot of time will be spent outside. Spending time outside is enough, but cycling dates have more benefits.

    It Makes Your Blood Pump

    Nothing can wake you up like blood pumping like crazy. Fresh air mixed with physical activity does wonder for both mind and body. Even though your main goal is not to lose weight, you’ll be doing that also.

    Benefits are numerous, but let’s just state a few: good blood pressure, heart rate on point, and getting into shape.

    Your Cycle Trips Together Will Be Unforgettable

    Your blood will also pump faster at the amazing sights you’ll see once you start going on cycling dates. Things that were out of reach are now in the palm of your hand. When both of you have a free weekend, plan a few days-long dates.

    Search your area for nice camping spots and breathtaking cycling routes and surprise your cyclist. Together you can plan the whole trip according to your preferences and fitness.

    An Opportunity To Visit Romantic Places And Watch The Sunset

    Romantic places have never been more accessible and free. Start your date with a casual cycling route outside the town. Nature offers the best places to be romantic without spending a fortune.

    End your date with the amazing sunset you can watch from many places. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a beach, forest, park, or hill above the city. Sunsets always bring out the romantics inside of us all. No one can be immune to that.

    After the Sun is finished showing its colors, the Moon and the stars take over the skies. Talking and holding hands in the moonlight is all you need.

    You’ll Get More Extreme

    Once you go biking, you’ll see how many opportunities emerge. After a while, maybe easy biking won’t be as challenging as before. Maybe, you’ll start craving more. Biking can be easy for everybody, but it can be extreme. Therefore, not for the inexperienced.

    If you get more extreme, you’ll want to try mountain biking. Bringing a higher dose of adrenaline can do wonders for you and your partner. You’ll feel more empowered, and the adrenaline rush often helps to fuel things up in the bedroom.

    Bottom Line

    If you’re an amateur cyclist, you must find entry-level road bikes that are beginner-friendly. Don’t lie about your stamina and experience (to yourself or anyone else).

    But most importantly, enjoy every second of your cycling dates. They’ll enrich your life on many levels.

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