How Dangerous Is A Leaking Pipe?

Every time you discover a wet spot on the floor (or wall) or hear water dripping under a sink, you probably roll your eyes and just do your best to ignore it for a while because it’s frustrating to say goodbye to a couple of hundreds in your wallet.

As annoying as pipe leaks can be, you’d better contact a water damage restoration company as soon as you’ve noticed or suspected a leak. Why? 

Read Below: 7 reasons why a leaking pipe poses a threat to your house and family safety and requires urgent repairs.

Undermined Safety

The electrical hazard that appears due to untreated leaks poses a serious risk to all house inhabitants. Most homeowners ignore the fact of how many electrical devices they have at home, with many of them located in direct proximity to pipes.

Additionally, deteriorated or open wires and excess water can be the cause of the fire due to a short circuit with sparks: if the water will come to direct contact with exposed wires, those sparks are capable of igniting a fire.  

Higher Utility Bills

Even a tiny leak may lead to a notable increase in water consumption and higher costs. For illustration: a small leak (a drop of water per minute) adds 34 gallons per year. In fact, leaks tend to worsen; hence, the lost water volume will be much more significant if broken pipes aren’t fixed right away.

A continuously dripping pipe or faucet can add up to 20 gallons of water per day. Add here repair costs which increase due to greater damage with the lapse of time. That’s pretty distressing. Hence, once you’ve received an unexpectedly high bill, it is a convincing reason to carry out a thorough inspection of your piping system.

Water Contamination

Depending on what section of the pipe is leaking, surrounding water can enter the pipe and bring in all sorts of dirt, chemicals, and microbes. Unexpected debris can contaminate your drinking water, exposing your family’s health to risk. The research conducted by the University of Sheffield has shown that harmful contaminants, including bacteria and viruses, around pipes can be sucked into the piping — they constitute a serious threat to human health.  

Mold Infestation

As ugly as it sounds, mold grows much faster than you could imagine: untreated standing water or a burst pipe may lead to mold growth within 24 hours. Without professional mold remediation, nasty mold spots and patches can spread exponentially.


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    Besides its unpleasant appearance, mold is toxic to humans and pets. As mold spreads, it can emit hazardous gasses. Both mildew and mold-associated fungi can trigger various illnesses, including asthma and other allergic conditions.

    Any visible mold patches should be addressed right away for the sake of your family’s well-being. In case of severe infestation, hire mold remediation experts to eliminate the existing growth and prevent mold recurrence in the future.

    Unwanted Pests

    Moisture-rich environments attract all sorts of pests, including mosquitoes and others. Slowly leaking water can damage the wood construction. In its turn, wet and rotten wood is a perfect environment for ants, cockroaches, termites, and gnawing rodents that can carry and transmit dangerous diseases, such as typhus or plague.

    Definitely, you won’t feel well in the house where pests thrive — a solid reason to conduct regular checks and call pros if any defects in plumbing are suspected.

    Structural Damage

    If not fixed soon, a small leak can scale up over time and lead to structural damage. Most materials used for construction are not water-resistant. Excess water can destroy wooden flooring, corrode metals, and deteriorating walls.

    Accumulated, water can weaken drywalls or, what is even worse, destroy your ceiling, let alone wall paint, wooden door frames, etc. Thus, to avoid damage that requires costly repairs, call a plumber promptly.

    Damaged Sewage System

    When it comes to the house sewage system, leaky pipe repair is an emergency. Untreated leaky sewer pipes are potential causes of bacterial contamination and harmful gases that represent a health hazard.  

    How To Discover A Hidden Leak

              Increased water bill. When your water bill has increased notably for no particular reason, you should suspect a leak.

              Wet patches on walls or ceiling. This is a clear indication of a leaking pipe that can be hidden behind a wall. You need to address the problem asap to avoid structural damage and prevent mildew and mold growth.  

              Lower water pressure. Generally, water pressure can drop due to sediment buildup, malfunctioning valves, and water leaks. If you maintain the plumbing system regularly, a sudden decline in water pressure can point to a leaking pipe.  

              Mold spots. Some leaks are difficult to notice as pipes aren’t always exposed to hear dripping water or see puddles on the floor. But darker (green or black) spots of mold are quite obvious.

              Musty smell is also a sign of a leaking pipe. For example, a musty odor in the bathroom indicates a potential problem with a pipe behind a wall or under the floor.

    What You Can Do To Prevent Leaks

              Regular maintenance of the plumbing system and appliances, such as water machines and dishwashers.

              Leak detection tools. You can install dedicated small tools that alarm you when higher-than-normal moisture is detected. They can be particularly effective for hidden leaks.

              If you have a garden, develop a landscape plan for larger plants like trees. Over time, tree roots can grow and wrap or damage pipes located nearby.

    In Conclusion

    To avoid any safety concerns, call a restoration company promptly, at first signs of even a tiny leak. In fact, leaks shouldn’t be treated as just a nuisance as they pose a real threat to the health and structural integrity of your house.

    Well, costs also matter — the earlier a leak is spotted and treated, the less you have to pay. Any delays may result in much higher costs for fixing pipes or home restoration after it was damaged by water. It is always recommended to call in experts to diagnose the state of the plumbing system when you suspect a leak. 

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