Cycling in the Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondack mountains are home to some of the most beautiful scenic sites and country roads. The latter makes this mountainous whiteface region in upstate New York a favorite cycling spot for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid cycler yourself or just want to head out with your bike for a pleasant ride, the Adirondack Mountains are the place to go. Besides, you can get some serious cardio workouts by climbing up the uphill tracks. 

The Adirondack Mountains are also a popular spot for several cycling events happening all year round, so you can be sure to find some cycling buddies here. A famous annual event is the Whiteface Mountain Uphill Road race which challenges the bikers to ride climbs up to 3,647 feet (vertically). But whether you’re in search of a challenging, steep track or a pleasant, aesthetic spot, there’s an Adirondack bike trail perfect for you. 

Plan a Biking Vacation in New York 

New York City isn’t known for mountain ranges and large, empty country roads for cyclers, but the Adirondacks bike trails make for a great biking vacation. But there are several tracks with different levels of difficulty to look into. So you want to plan out your biking vacation in New York before you go there -once you get there, there’s no time to waste. 

On the West end, you have the shoulder of the Whiteface mountain that you can climb for a challenging route. This route will take you to the beautiful Saranac lake. If you come from the Eastside, you’ll go on a downhill ride that ends at the Ausable Valley. At the South end of the region, you will find one of the landmark locations: the Ausable river. If you follow the flow of this river, it will take you to Wilmington Notch; here lies Lake Placid village. Finally, the Northern frontier is where you can find the peaceful, much less populated roads of Silver Lake and Taylor Pond. These roads are perfect if you’re in search of a private and isolated biking experience. 

Ausable River Loop 

Ausable River Loop

If you’re looking for a casual route, which won’t leave you breathless because of the climb but because of its beauty, the Ausable River Loop is a great option. On this 54 mile route, you will cross High rock bluffs, rapids, and colossal boulders -all part of the branching Ausable river. 

This route starts in Wilmington and takes you to Lake Placid through Route 86. From here, it continues to Keene, where you will turn onto the 9N Route towards Jay. To get back to Wilmington, turn back to Route 86 from Jay. 

This route may be too long for some, but there are plenty of pull-offs present along the way to take a break and catch your breath.   

Bear Pond 

Bear PondThe Bear Pond is a favorite spot for bikers and hikers alike. While the 1.8-mile hike is excellent for beginners and has slight elevation, the cycling route can take up to 3 hours to cross -around 35 minutes of that is a climb up the mountain. Other popular activities at the Bear Pond include Fishing along the 2.6-mile bear pond where you can find brook trout, Birding (some common catches for the area include the Northern Waterthrush and Borreal Chick-a-dee), and Snowshoeing.  

7th Lake Mountain Trail

7th Lake Mountain TrailThe 7th Lake Mountain Trail is an excellent option for cycling, but only if you have a mountain bike built for the rugged terrain. This trail is also hardcore, unlike the pleasant and wide country road trails at Bear Pond and Ausable river loop. This trail is used for all kinds of purposes, such as hiking, snowmobiling, and Birding. 


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    The trail connects Inlet lake to Raquette Lake and is mostly dry.  

    Black Brook Scenic Loop 

    Rapid Descent TrailBlack Brook scenic loop, as the name suggests, is a great route along two lanes present on Bonnieview Avenue. This 14.5-mile route is pretty isolated and silent if you are interested in a private setting. Even if that’s not what you are looking for, we still suggest taking out some time to visit this route if you’re planning a vacation in Autumn. The fallen leaves and weather make this route seem out of this world. 

    Franklin Falls Loop 

    Franklin Falls LoopThe Franklin Falls Loop is a great combination of a tough, long, and challenging route that also offers beauty that will leave you awe-struck. This route stretches across a whopping 46 miles, starting at Wilmington. The route from there follows steep, long, and exhausting hills. But naturally, this makes the downhill ride much easier, taking you along the spending Franklin Falls pond. Other places you’ll cross on this route are Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Pine street.

    Ironman Loop 

    Ironman Loop As you might have guessed from the name, this is yet another demanding track that will have any beginner heaving in no time. You’ll start from Route 73, present at the Southern end of Lake Placid. Passing places like Wilmington, the notable Keene hill, and River road, you will cross mesmerizing lakes and rivers. 

    While the ride sounds amazing, keep in mind that his route is 56 miles long. Would you be a true Ironman/Ironwoman and accept this challenge?

    Lake Everest Loop 

    Lake Everest LoopThe Lake Everest loop is one of the best routes on the list of Adirondack bike trail options. You will need to turn right on Fox Farm Road (Aka County Highway 12A) to begin your journey. Left from this point will lead you to Springfield road until eventually, you reach Route 86. 

    This route is only about 25 miles in length, and it’s pretty easy to navigate around, making it a good choice for beginners. 

    Rapid Descent Trail

    Rapid Descent TrailThis 14-mile track takes you across landmark positions in the area like the Jay area (including the Jay rapids and the Jay Range), Ausable River, and the Whiteface mountain Ski center. This Adirondack bike trail also starts from Springfield road and route 86. 

    River Forks Trail

    River Forks TrailThe River Forks Trail is about as mystical as it sounds. While this route is spectacular all year round, just like the Black brook scenic loop, you have to make this part of your vacation plan in Fall or Autumn. 

    One of the best features along this route is the Jay-covered bridge near Lake Placid. The moss-covered bridge oversees the Jay Rapids that flows at high speeds. 

    Riverside Drive Loop

    Riverside Drive LoopWhile many visitors love driving this route as part of their trip to visit the Ausable River because of how peaceful it is, this trail also makes for an amazing cycling route. The land does not have many climbs. In fact, it’s actually pretty flat. So if you haven’t been very active as of late, you can choose this route instead. 

    If you want something for the gram, you can find many wonderful spots along this 9.3-mile road. 

    Stickney Bridge

    Stickney BridgeWhile this route is actually 18.5 miles in length, if you find yourself exhausted earlier than expected, you can switch to a shorter trip along Carey Road. 

    Because the Stickney Bridge follows the river streams and farmlands of the area, it’s a pretty even option with practically no climbs or drops. 

    Water’s Edge Trail 

    Water's Edge Trail This 27.3-mile route will give you pretty decent views of the overall Adirondack region, especially the mountain range. From the Au sable forks to Keeseville, the track is layered with greenery. 

    Old Dam Nature Trail 

    Old Dam Nature TrailThis trail is another one that is best done with a mountain bike. It’s located close to the Limekiln Lake campsite. 


    Perkins Clearing Mountain Bike Loop 

    Perkins Clearing Mountain Bike LoopYou may have guessed it from the name, but this is yet another track that requires a mountain bike. Although it has an elevation of about 90 meters, the track distance itself is shorter -a modest 13 miles. Part of this trail is an off-road ride over rugged terrain, while about 5 miles of it is on the smooth surfaces of Route 30.

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