Is Cycling a Good Exercise for People With Bad Knees?

By 2015, 22.7% of the adult population in the US suffered from bad knees annually. The figure is projected to increase to 26% by 2040.

Is Cycling a Good Exercise for People With Bad Knees?

Although there are many causes of knee problems, little do most know that activities such as cycling, whether it be indoor on an exercise bike or outdoor on a road bike, can aid in both recoveries of aggravated knees and can provide for a low impact workout for people with bad knees.

We will look at how cycling can benefit people suffering from bad knees, what you should do if you have bad knees, and the best recumbent bikes for outdoor exercising.

Since there is a lot of unverified information available, we will use actual data to understand the seriousness of bad knees and learn what to avoid.

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling comes with invaluable benefits to your well-being. You don’t have to do it for many hours just to reap the benefits. The benefits below can be had just from low-intensity continued cycling workouts.

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

A poor lifestyle often causes heart diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. The main issue is the formation of fat around the heart and arteries, making blood pumping difficult.

Cycling can help in remedying this problem. When doing this exercise, the heart rate increases, strengthening the heart muscles.

Many specialists behind healthcanal are recommending taking supplements to support muscle recovery and cardiovascular health. You can take them before the exercise to see better performance.

It also helps burn the fat around the heart and arteries, which reduces the risks of heart disease.

2. It Helps in Building Muscle

Cycling helps in building the lower part of your body. It involves the quadriceps, gluteus, soleus, and gastrocnemius muscles that build up this part.


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    Stretching and relaxation of muscles occur during peddling, which strengthens the muscle and improves the stamina in your thighs and glutes.

    3. Improves Sleep Quality

    People start suffering from lack of enough sleep at the age of 40-60. They develop anxiety which affects their sleeping patterns. Cycling, a form of exercise, helps with the production of endorphins. These are hormones that improve our mood.

    With enough endorphins, the anxiety levels reduce, and you can sleep for longer hours. Good sleep is essential to the body. It is during this time that the broken tissues and worn cells get repaired or replaced.

    4. It Helps with Obesity and Weight Control

    Although dieting helps with weight loss, exercising makes the process faster and more sustainable. Cycling is an ideal exercise because it does not require much intensity, making it easy, even if you are not an exercising enthusiast.

    As you get used to cycling, you can increase the intensity, which studies have shown to improve visceral fat loss significantly.

    5. Improves Brain Health

    The brain starts retaining few memories after the age of 30. As we age, we also start experiencing anxiety and even depression due to the responsibilities of life. Cycling, an outdoor activity, helps with boosting our mental health.

    Cycling workouts and workouts in general help to improve your focus and your memory. Not to mention all of the rememberings you are going to have to do in order to familiarize yourself with different routes to avoid getting lost during your ride.

    As an outdoor activity, it can also help you connect with other cyclers either during meetups or just out on the road together which can aid in improving your social health.

    What Should I Do if I Have Bad Knees?

    Bad knees are painful and need some time to recover after treatment. Some exercises are recommended to accelerate healing while preventing more injuries. Here is what you should do:

    1. Try Cycling Indoors

    A stationary bike is good if you are recovering from bad knees because you minimize the chances of falling. It means you do not have to worry about the bike falling on you because of its fixed position and stability.

    Indoor cycling is also called spinning.  Spin bike workouts are also a low-intensity low impact exercise that can work well for those who want to do live classes.

    Some people, however, may argue that this exercise causes harm to knee injuries. Truth is, supported by this study from Harvard Health, it strengthens your ligaments, your muscles and is a low-impact exercise that puts a low-stress load on your knees.

    2. Use a Recumbent Road Bike

    One of the precautions you should take when exercising for bad knees is avoiding falls. Recumbent road bikes or indoor recumbent exercise bikes are stable and comfortable.

    This style of exercise bike features back support that allows you to be in an unstrained position so that you do not have to be putting constant pressure on your joints.

    Their seats are located in lower positions than the regular bikes, lowering their center of gravity.

    Although an exercise bike is never going to be as comfortable as say a couch, you can look for the ones that are comfortable and designed with a padded backrest to give you as much comfort as you need to ensure your workouts are comfortable and not causing any knee aggravation.

    Specifically in recent years, many manufacturers have started designing exercise bikes specifically for people with bad knees. The design of these bikes provides an additional level of comfort specifically geared toward removing weight load away from the knees.

    Best Outdoor Recumbent Bikes

    A market will always have products available. It is always up to you to look for quality ones. Otherwise, suppliers tend to try and upsell their products as the best available. To avoid being frustrated with the type of recumbent bike you get for exercising your bad knees, consider these below:

    1. Mobo Cruiser

    The bike is created to provide ultimate comfort to people suffering from back and knee pains. It is good for both men and women. Mobo cruiser is available on Amazon. It has three wheels to provide stability. The low-impact recumbent bike can be used on flat and gently sloping terrains making it ideal for exercising in many areas.

    2. ICE Adventure

    The recumbent bike takes a sleek design with a comfortable mesh seat. The bike has no brake steer and has a secure clamping system to ensure the rider’s safety. You can use it on paved and rough terrains, giving you the freedom to explore different areas even when your knees hurt.

    3. ICE Sprint X

    The tri-cycle features tubeless wheels, no brake steer, compact flat twist fold, and a rider positioning system. All these features ensure you are seated in a comfortable position. Its seat is customizable for maximum comfort during your adventure.


    Is Cycling Good For Bad Knees?

    Yes. Cycling is good for bad knees. It is a gentle exercise that helps with muscle and ligament strengthening. The trick is to start with low intensity and increase as you become stronger. Avoid straining yourself by setting your seat and handlebars in a comfortable position.

    Which Exercise is Best for Someone with Bad Knees?

    Cycling is definitely a good option. Besides helping with knee recovery, cycling has other benefits that improve your overall well-being. Recumbent bikes and indoor cycling minimizes the risk of losing balance and having your knees injured.

    What Exercises Should You Avoid with Bad Knees?

    Not all exercises help with knee recovery. Some can make it worse, and you should avoid them until your professional says you are okay to engage in them. Such exercises include deep squats, lunges, hurdler’s stretches, and full-arch knee extensions along with many others. These cause strain, affecting the recovery process.

    Is Cycling Good for Arthritic Knees?

    Yes. Cycling helps people suffering from arthritic knees by helping with the production of synovial fluid. The fluid is produced when the joints move in full motion. Cycling helps with this motion, whether done slowly or intensely.


    Whenever possible, we should all take care of ourselves. The above-mentioned declarations will serve as our guidelines in order to do what we can to be healthy.


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