Is It Possible to Complete a Ten-Page Essay in a Day?

Failed or looming deadlines, procrastination, lack of motivation, and anxiety are often associated with studies these days due to high standards and numerous distractions. One may forget about an assignment that influences their final grade significantly and start panicking when realizing they don’t have much time.

It’s hard to speculate whether one can write a complex assignment like a business plan or lab report as a pro essay writer when the deadline is close, but essays have more or less similar requirements. That’s why we can answer the question many students may have: what are the odds of finishing an essay of average length in 24 hours?

It’s Impossible If…

In case you have problems with concentration or tend to procrastinate, there are much fewer chances to finish the essay in time. There is a kind of procrastination that gives you a boost of inspiration – suddenly, when there are a few hours left, you may come up with many ideas and become ready to finish your work.

Well, with short essays, it works just fine, especially if you’ve read all the background literature beforehand. Actually, if you’ve read all you need, 3 hours can be enough too. However, that’s a rare case, isn’t it?

So, unless you are an enthusiastic reader who can manage a whole novel in less than a day or have read all the sources beforehand, consider sending a ‘buy essay online’ request. Professionals already have the experience and background knowledge to complete your essay within a day or even earlier.

However, always mind that even if you pay for writing services, there should be adequate requirements. Yes, there are experts who can handle a 10-page essay within several hours, but they may not be available, just like the rest of the writers can be busy with orders for the next 12 hours or so. In that case, you won’t be able to submit your essay in time no matter how much you are ready to pay.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

Clean Your Workspace

It’s hard to concentrate on anything when your workspace is messy, piled up, and reminds you of a place from a hidden object game. Remove dust, empty cups, and so on. There should be only necessary stationery, books, notebooks, and gadgets. Nothing should tempt you to start drawing, check social media, read irrelevant fiction, or complete another assignment.

Get Snacks and Water

Eating too much will definitely distract you from writing, so don’t indulge yourself too much. However, moderate portions of nutritious food will matter a great deal. Get some healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruits, and energy bars. Avoid too much caffeine – it’s better to make some herbal tea or simply drink water.

Delegate Other Tasks

There are more chances to complete the essay if you drop all the secondary tasks and chores. If you need to focus on a specific essay but have other papers to complete, it’s better to delegate some of them. All you need is to check essay reviews and find the expert(s) who will complete the rest of the assignments. That way, you won’t think about the numerous tasks you haven’t started yet and will be able to focus on your essay.

Deal With Minor Chores

What are the things you can easily get distracted by? Whether it’s dishes in the sink that irritate you or some other chores related to your well-being and basic needs like having a proper breakfast and brushing your teeth, do all of those first.


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    Put away your phone and laptop – breakfast is not a reason to watch Netflix or your friends’ stories. Don’t start a spring clean by pulling out all the drawers and starting to sort the stuff from them. Just address your basic needs and make sure your room is aired and well-lit.

    Switch Between Different Aspects of the Essay

    Any academic written piece requires an outline, research, editing, and a bit of analysis. In addition, you will need to discuss several characters/sources/points of view/etc.

    It’s okay to get stuck with a particular argument or lack ideas to cover a subtopic. The trick is to be able to switch to another part of the essay. Start writing about another person you need to mention, add a couple of sentences to the conclusion, edit the references, look for valuable sources, and so on.

    Summing Up

    For organized people who are not trapped in stressful situations, writing a 10-page essay in a day is not a problem, really. But let’s admit: the majority of students do not belong to that group. So, in case you’re not one of the lucky ones, follow the tips above or use writing services as the last-resort option to finish your essay in 24 hours. Whether with the help of experts or your own efforts, it is indeed possible!


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