5 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents   

Bicyclists are at a higher risk of getting into a terrible injury after a bad car accident, even though they only make up 2% of motor vehicle crash deaths. When on the road, bicyclists are often at the mercy of car drivers around them.

It is the duty of motor vehicle drivers to make sure that they are aware of bicyclists on the road and give them ample room to maneuver. When you get into a bad traffic accident, a bicycle accident attorney can guide you on how to receive compensation for your damages.

They can also provide useful tips on how to avoid future bicycle accidents. These are the most 5 common causes of bicycle accidents:

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, distracted driving is one of the main causes of bicycle accidents and automobile crashes in general. This is when the driver is on their phone texting, mapping out their destination, playing games, sending emails, and doing other activities on their phone.

They may also be making phone calls or talking to other car passengers, not realizing that they are about to cause an accident.

Weaving Through Traffic

Some bicyclists take risks and are impatient, resulting in them weaving through traffic and other dangerous behavior. When there is heavy traffic, a bicyclist may get around the traffic by squeezing between cars.

However, this is hazardous and can result in a bicyclist getting hit or run over when a car driver fails to see the cyclist.

Not Creating a Buffer

Both car drivers and bicyclists need to create a buffer between them and neighboring automobiles. Cars should give bicyclists room around the shoulder of the road and also avoid driving too close behind the bicyclist.

Bicyclists should do the same for cars by not tailgating them and not holding onto the back of trucks and other vehicles. This creates a safe road environment for everyone.

Low Visibility

Many car drivers are simply unable to see cyclists. This is because bicycles are smaller vehicles, making it difficult for car drivers to notice them when on the road.


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    Bicyclists should make an effort to wear flash or reflective clothing or install equipment that flashes to help car drivers notice them on the road.

    They should also make hand signals, so that car drivers understand when they are turning when on the road. For example, when making left turns, the car driver may accidentally run into an oncoming bicyclist because they didn’t see the smaller vehicle.

    Failure to Yield

    Not all call drivers are attentive on the road and may fail to yield to bicyclists. They might not yield when sharing the road with bicyclists, expecting the bicyclist to stop but instead running into them.

    Car drivers also may fail to stop at stop signs and ignore other traffic devices. It is important that bicyclists also follow the rules of the road, especially when they are sharing streets and not riding in a bike lane.

    You Can Learn More About Your Bicycle Accident

    If you were in a bicycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you should consult with a lawyer regarding your case. Find out how much your bicycle accident case is worth after a thorough and professional investigation with the help of a proven attorney.


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