The Changes That Are Taking Place Regarding the MOT Rules

At the start of the pandemic, most businesses and establishments were shut because people could no longer meet together. Through the pandemic, they made significant changes to Government processes, especially with most people not allowed to get through basic mandatory Government processes.

The Changes That Are Taking Place Regarding the MOT Rules

One of the most significant changes taking place was that there were changes to rules around registering vehicles because people were not leaving their houses. Additionally, they made some exceptions for those who were finding it challenging to get through processes.

What is the MOT?

The MOT test is an annual test where cars are checked for safety, roadworthiness aspects, and exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three years old. The test has been around for the longest time, and there are changes.

The primary purpose is to make sure that the vehicle meets all the standards and is safe to be on the road. Vehicle owners have to get their vehicles repaired before they get through the test, and if a vehicle fails the test, they cannot ply on roads in the UK. They would have to apply for the test again and get through it.

Through the pandemic, people could connect with garages and MOT testing centers who were sending a person to the house to collect the vehicles, and the MOT center would send a person to the house to pick the car, take it for a MOT check, and get it back. However, a few exceptions, and people traveling out of the country had no choice but to wait for a better time to get their vehicles MOT checked.

The authorities provided some extensions to a large number of people, and they were planning on getting their vehicles checked later. Although there were dates mentioned, the second and the third wave that moved the country had these extensions pushed further.

However, with a majority of the country now vaccinated, the rules are changing, and the country is not opening up and making mandatory checks possible again. At the start of the pandemic, they were issues

with people getting their vehicles for an MOT check, so the authorities made changes to allow people to delay their MOT check for two months. After they realized the existence of a second wave, the delay was pushed to four months and then six months.

Finally, they made changes to the process and started with the MOT tests again, so companies started opening their doors again. Vehicle owners had to get back to get their vehicles tested if they were planning on driving them around.

Vehicle testing is only allowed if it could be done safely and within social distancing requirements following these rules, people were no longer obligated to get their vehicles tested. The change led to the number of people bringing their vehicles in for a check significantly reduce.


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    How to Find an MOT Garage in the County?

    There are directories that you can work with and they allow you to get through a process and find the best and most convenient MOT garage that would test your car, allowing you to drive it for another year, around the UK.

    People could ask their car dealers if they knew the best and closest MOT check center so they could get through the process.

    Additionally, they could go through an online local business directory which would check their location and tell them the nearest centers around them.

    People also had to make sure that they were handling a process well and could not just show up to the center hoping that they would get their car MOT tested. There were some rules they had to follow, along with restrictions and changes they had to follow when getting through the process.

    Some garages had to make sure that they were maintaining the right number of people coming in because they could only cater to a small number of cars through the pandemic, which is one of the reasons why booking an appointment in advance was an ideal way of dealing with getting an MOT check.

    Some changes came around concerning Brexit and the UK was working on getting all those properly implemented. There were a few countries that had to get additional MOT checks. They were also working on new processes and paperwork but most of that is handled through the MOT check center you are working with.

    If you move or are working with a new MOT center, you would likely need all the information from all the previous tests and MOT checks that you handled on your car.

    Fortunately, they created a system where all the MOT records are stored in the same place and no matter which MOT office you work through, they would receive a complete update of the previous checks that you ran and how the vehicle fared.

    They can then use this information if they are planning on getting through a process and getting another MOT check. They would also need their past MOT checks if they are planning on selling their vehicle for the person purchasing it.

    What Are the New Changes to MOT Checks?

    While the tests used to be annual, post a vehicle turning three years, they are now every three years in some place, like Jersey which recently implemented the MOT check. With the new Brexit rules, a lot of places that did not have MOT requirements in the past are implementing them now.

    They are also working on changes to the processes and reducing the amount of time that it takes for people to get their vehicles tested, which is currently a long time since MOT centers are understaffed, with too many people wanting the test because there was a massive backlog through the pandemic.

    Another reason that people were not getting their vehicles tested was that they were not using them as much or at all, with the lockdown rules, social distancing, and working remotely, wherein most people were working from home.


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