Ceramic Coatings for New Car: What it Entails and How to Find a Service

Over time, all cars acquire unsightly scratches. The primary reason for this is the accumulation of small rocks and gravel on roads. They bounce up to hit your car’s bodywork when you drive over them. Over time, they will cause swirls and scratches that make your vehicle look like it has gone through a war zone.

Having a ceramic coating applied to your paintwork can help. This invisible plastic film will stop minor scratches and prevent them from spreading and damaging the exterior of your car. The best part? It’s typically much cheaper than getting your vehicle resprayed professionally and looks at least as good.

Factors such as an increase in automobile production and an upsurge in demand for eco-friendly automotive paints are the major factors driving the growth of the global automotive paints market.

The following article will explain ceramic coating and tips to choose suitable ceramic coatings for new car.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A thin, transparent film made from polymers or resins can be applied to the exterior of a vehicle. This protective layer will protect the paintwork from damage caused by small particles such as pebbles hitting the bodywork.

Ceramic coatings have several technical features that make them attractive to car owners. The transparent film is weather-proof and acts as a barrier between your paintwork and the elements. It offers protection from acid rain, salt corrosion, and UV damage caused by exposure to sunlight.

In addition, ceramic paint coatings offer long-term self-cleaning effects. Rainwater will wash dirt particles away, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer. Finally, ceramic paint coatings make it easier to wash and wax the exterior of your car because the coating makes any surface smooth (the roughness of original car paint can be deceptive when applying wax).

Tips to Choose the Right Professional Car Coating Service

It’s not difficult to find the best car paint coatings professionals in your area. However, it is more challenging to separate superior services from average ones on the market. Here are some tips to help find the best ceramic coatings for a new car.

1) Do Your Research

Before narrowing down your options, spend some time looking at the various services available in your area. Do not rely on how websites are ranking themselves or popular review sites to pick a service for you. Companies commonly rank higher by paying for favorable reviews and ratings.

Look on forums, review sites, and ask friends on social media platforms. In addition, it does not hurt to check out online customer ratings of local companies on Yelp or Google Reviews. It will give a better idea of their actual customers’ experiences with the services they provide.


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    2) Check the License and Insurance of the Company

    Not every company that offers car paint coating services is genuine. Some companies might scam inexperienced car owners by offering inferior products and unprofessional artistry at a high price. They might also use inferior supplies, which can damage your vehicle or cause allergies and other health problems for you.

    To prevent such incidents from ever happening, confirm that the company has proper insurance and licenses to carry out coating work. If you are not sure about this or need help finding proof of license, contact your local Better Business Bureau for assistance.

    3) Ensure They Have the Proper Certifications

    Not every automotive paint coating service provider has extensive experience providing excellent services. Verify their claims of expertise by asking for certifications and diplomas.

    Only reputed brands offer fully-fledged courses to train technicians in using their products.


    In many cases, car owners have to pay a lot of money to restore their paintwork after damaging it. Ceramic coating is the most cost-effective option for protecting your car from further damage and creating a long-term solution for paint restoration.


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