5 Most Common Causes Of Accidents Every Bicycle Owner Should Be Aware Of

Every time a cyclist hits the road they face risks of accidents. Most of the time, the accident is caused by drivers for several reasons.

5 Most Common Causes Of Accidents Every Bicycle Owner Should Be Aware Of

Cyclists are entitled to the same rights as drivers but drivers still don’t pay enough attention to cyclists on the road. To understand your rights for compensation after an accident as a cyclist, you need to know the cause of your accident first.

Here are some common causes of accidents that you should be aware of.

Distracted Drivers

The main cause of bicycle accidents is distracted drivers. When you’re out on your bike, be aware of distracted drivers and drivers who don’t pay attention to the road.

If you notice that the driver is on the phone or having a conversation with one of the people in the vehicle, then it’s best to stay away from their car or to slow down until they pass you to be safe.

Even though being on the phone while driving is against the law, a huge number of accidents can be traced to drivers who were on their phones.


Every road and highway has its speeding limit for a various number of reasons, like the traffic intensity and whether it’s a school area or not.

Speed driving is something that is against the law but many drivers ignore the speed limits which results in severe and life-threatening injuries to cyclists. If you have been in an accident, lawyers at Detroit personal injury law firm suggest you contact an attorney immediately.

It may be hard to get your compensation from the guilty party which is why you will need to have a professional and experienced attorney to deal with the legal process for you.

When cycling, keep an eye out for speedy drivers and make sure to avoid their way as it will be hard for them to have control over their car. A speeding driver has little time to make a decision and it takes them longer to stop or slow down.


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    Skipping A Red Light Or Stop Sign

    If you’re at crossways, before passing, look out for drivers that are not slowing down for the red light or stop sign. An accident that is a result of skipping a red light or stop sign can vary in an offense based on the damages done.

    An incident of that kind can pass as a traffic felony with a penalty fee. The sentence given to the driver if such an incident occurs would depend primarily on the damages done, and it could vary from a compensation fee to actual prison time.

    If the cyclist is the one that skipped a red light and an accident occurs, the driver isn’t held accountable for the damages done to the cyclists. It is best to contact an attorney in cases like these to ensure you get fair compensation for the physical damage and other financial and non-financial losses.

    Unsafe Lane Changes and Turns


    Many accidents are a result of lane shifting without looking. Many drivers decide to change lanes and don’t pay enough attention to the bikers’ lane or bikers on the road.

    This may result in hitting a cyclist by accident which may cause serious damages and can even be life-threatening. When a car is taking a turn, the driver may not be able to notice the cyclists taking a turn or the ones cycling on the road the driver is turning to.

    Whenever you are approaching a turn, slow down and pay attention to the drivers around you or the drivers turning to the road you’re on. It is better to stay away from the turns if you don’t intend on turning to avoid the risk of getting hit.

    Driving Too Close To Cyclists

    Many accidents are a result of drivers or cyclists not leaving a suitable distance between them on the road.

    The small distance between a car and a bike or even two cars or two bikes limits the response time you have to make decisions or take actions in. This may lead to accidents that can result in serious injuries.

    Make sure to keep an adequate distance between yourself and the drivers around you or the cyclists near you to be safe. 

    It is best to avoid the dangers of the road altogether than to seek help afterward.


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