How To Calculate Your Pace And Speed

Are you familiar with the word pace? You might be. If you have no idea what a pace is, it’s nothing but a measuring unit used by runners. The traditional measuring unit that we usually use is speed.

But using pace as the unit may be a little more effective for athletes. In pace calculation, it shows the time needed for covering a particular distance.

It’s more satisfying to see the time you took to complete a milestone rather than the speed you were running. There exist certain ways to calculate the speed and pace of a runner.

But before that, let’s make sure you know the exact difference between pace and speed.

What Is The Difference Between Pace And Speed?

Taking speed in one hand and pace in the other, they both opposite each other. Speaking with more clarity, when pace gives the measure of time you need to complete a mile, speed will give the number of miles you can complete in an hour. That’s it.

To get you a clearer idea, let’s look into two equations. These equations are used for calculating speed and pace.

For calculating Speed = Distance/ Time

The unit of speed is (km/h) since the unit of distance is km and time is h.

For calculating Pace = Time/distance

The unit of pace is (sec/km) since the unit of time is sec and distance is km.


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    Now you would be aware of the difference between pace and speed.

    Are you thinking about why the running calculation is necessary for athletes? Let’s have a look into that too.

    Need Of Running Calculator

    Running calculation is very important for an athlete. It’s part of progress tracking. A Running calculator helps you to track your progress on time precisely. It will help you improve your training with proper statistics about your progress. So if you are an athlete, a running calculator will help you reach your goals, and you can even set higher goals.

    Running calculators are not only for athletes. It’s also very helpful for people who are not athletes. If you maintain good health by including running in your workout routine, you can use the running calculator to calculate your pace and speed. It will help you get an idea about how good your workout is going.

    An accurate total daily energy expenditure or better known as TDEE calculator will help you to track your BMI and give information about your ideal weight. Check out the TDEE calculator on this website to get all the details.

    We’ve discussed the importance of having a running calculator. Now it’s how to calculate your running pace and speed.

    Here are the steps for calculation.

    How To Calculate Your Running Speed And Pace?

    For calculating running speed and pace, you need to have two things. One is the distance you’ve covered, and the second is the time you’ve taken to cover it.

    A pace calculator is not only useful for running calculations. It has some other amazing uses too. It can also be used for calculations of cycling, skating, or any sport where you have to cover a particular distance.

    So, if you are into regular exercising or distance covering sport, you should have a running calculator.

    Now let’s just assume that you got the two things discussed earlier.

    1. The distance you covered
    2. The total time you took for covering that distance.

    The task is really simple. Put these values into a running calculator or a pace calculator. It will automatically calculate and give the result to you. It’ll also convert them into the necessary units you need. You don’t have to mess with your head to convert kilometers into miles and miles into meters.

    As we discussed earlier, the running speed and pace are calculated with two equations.

    The first equation is for calculating your speed.

    Speed = Distance/Time

    So, it’s clear that the speed is nothing but the distance you’ve covered in a unit of time. The unit of speed can vary. Mps, kmph, mph, etc are some of the units for speed.

    Now it’s time for peace.

    Pace = Time/Distance

    It’s nothing but the time you’ve taken for covering a unit distance. Minutes per mile, minutes per kilometer, etc are units of pace.

    There exists something called a velocity calculator in which you can calculate the velocity. If you want to convert your obtained measures into other units, you can use various available converters.

    Various running calculators are available online so that you don’t have to do calculations independently. You have to take the values of your distance and time, and guess what? The calculator deals with the rest.

    Tracking your progress and improving consistently is now a simple task. You don’t have to waste any more time calculating your running pace and speed. Just get the values and put them on the calculator and Ta-daaa, now you have your running pace and speed.

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