Top Things To Bear In Mind Before Buying Your First Bike

There are so many types of bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes; therefore, shopping for one can be overwhelming. Whatever your reason for cycling, whether to work, for fitness, or for fun, you will love riding when you have the perfect bike. There are different bikes to choose from, and no one can blame you for feeling confused about them. This guide can help you out.


What kind of cyclist do you want to be? Are you looking for a bike suitable for long-distance touring? Will you use your bike for simply commuting to town?

These questions can help you determine your purpose for the bike. Even if you are beginning and want a high-performance bike, you should get one designed for that specific purpose.

Most importantly, know the kind of riding you expect to do. Luckily some bikes are ultimately what you make of them. For example, non-suspension mountain bikes can be suitable for commuters by swapping trail-type tires with appropriate commuter tires.


Like car parts, bike components matter a lot, and it is wise to make comparisons when shopping. Some of the priorities should be:

  • Wheels- their reliability and rotating mass are critical.
  • Frame- this is the heart of the ride, so you should test it firsthand. The warranty indicates the manufacturer’s belief in the product.
  • Contact points, including the saddle and handlebars, can make quite a difference in your ride.
  • The suspension goes hand in hand with the frame, and it is crucial, especially on mountain bikes.

Examine the rest of the components, including brakes, shifters, and front chain wheelsets.

The Size

Bikes come in many sizes to suit the needs of different riders. Finding a bike that suits your fit or size is essential for comfort and safety. First, the standover height is important- there should be proper clearance while standing over the top tube to ensure you can land with your feet planted on the ground if you slide off the saddle.

Secondly, the cockpit length and distance between your saddle and handlebars are important. If the distance is too long, you will feel as if you are stretched out when riding, which is known as a flying position. In contrast, too small a distance will make you feel cramped.

Thankfully the cockpit length can be adjusted to suit a relatively shorter or longer torso. However, it can impact the feel of the steering, so it is best to find a suitable size.

Accessory Compatibility

If you get into cycling, you will most likely spend more on accessorizing your bike to make your rides more enjoyable. Some, such as water bottle cages, are essential, while others, like racks and fenders, are custom options.


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    Examine the space between the frame or fork and the tires. Is it enough to fit a traditional fender? Generally, keep in mind the accessories you intend to use to customize your bike and their compatibility,


    Last but not least, consider the aesthetics. Whether you prefer the 90s mountain bike with a neon yellow paint job or something simple, choose a bike you will be happy to ride.

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