Safety Hacks for Buying the Right Helmet for Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are not hard to fall in love with, and they are fun, eco-friendly, affordable, and exciting for kids and adults alike. However, keeping safety regulations should be the priority, and to ensure full protection, you need to wear a helmet.

Safety Hacks for Buying the Right Helmet for Your Electric Scooter

There is no specific model you can pick, so choosing the right one keeps you protected. This post will guide you on different factors that you should consider while buying a helmet.

 Importance of Using the Helmet

Though an electric scooter does not run at very high speed, adding a helmet should not be avoided as injury can occur at any time. The most common damage while driving is head injury; it is always advisable to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter or adult kick scooter.

Helmets help in reducing injuries and increase safety by 60 percent.

Features to Consider While Picking a Helmet for Yourself

 There are various features one should look for while choosing a helmet, and it’s the quality and the safety that should be considered while investing in one.


A helmet should be certified by the law related to the regulations being followed while manufacturing it. Different standards are followed while manufacturing one that is why to ensure full protection. It is essential to check its certification.

If you buy from Scooter Hut, you will find all the helmets of superior quality and fully certified (AS/NZS 2063:2008) for your protection.


Not just designed to protect you, a helmet should also make you feel comfortable as it can become hot and humid, which can be uncomfortable. Our body heat can trap inside the helmet in case it does not provide proper ventilation.

A properly ventilated helmet allows better airflow and keeps you cool.

Consider Its Weight and Size.

The weight of the helmet is an important factor to consider. Mostly cycle helmets are light in weight; it will feel like you are not wearing anything. This is where downhill helmets are a little heavy.


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    The importance of the helmet depends upon the material used for manufacturing it, and it should generally range between 1400-1800 gm.

    You should also focus on its size; few models have the feature of one size fits all with adjustable straps, while others require proper head circumference measurement. Measure one inch above the eyebrow till the back of your head.

    Make sure that the tape is tightly pulled to get an appropriate measurement.

    a man riding a scooter


    A helmet should stay on your head even in the worst of conditions, and this is the one that will protect you. Try checking the same by fastening it on your head and pulling to see if it is loose and is staying where it should be.


    The visor is an important element to consider while purchasing a helmet. It should be clear and should not hinder vision while driving. Mercury tinted visors attract riders however it does not provide clear vision. You can also go for anti-fog and scratch-free for added features.

     Proper Cushioning

    Helmets should come with proper cushioning as it protects you from any damage if you fall. The cushioning helps in absorbing shock and provides protection.


    Another thing to check is how much the helmet covers your head. A full-coverage helmet provides better protection than a modular one. Also, go for the one that comes with a hard exterior as it absorbs better force or shock.

    To Sum Up

    With so many options flooding the market, it is essential to pick the right and comfortable one. Make sure you choose only quality and reliable helmets for your safety.


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