What You Need to Know When Buying a New Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes are quickly becoming the most popular form of transportation for families and solo riders alike, thanks to their ease of use, sustainability, and generous cargo space. In fact, cargo bikes have seen a 109% user increase for those using them for professional purposes, while the cargo bike market as a whole is expected to grow by over 22% in the next seven years.

With their growing popularity, more people than ever are turning to cargo bikes as their main mode of transportation. While the benefits of making this switch are clear, it’s essential to thoroughly research the different models and their features since not all cargo bicycles are the same. Let’s take a look at what you need to know when buying a new cargo bike, so you can find the perfect match that fits your needs.

1.  The Type Of Cargo Bikes Available

There are three main types of cargo bikes, but for those seeking ample cargo space with unmatched rideability, nothing compares to a three-wheeled cargo bike. Not only do they offer increased stability, but they also have a large cargo box and electric pedal assistance, making transporting heavy loads easy and enjoyable.

2.  Storage Space

Speaking of ample storage space, cargo bicycles are perfect for transporting pets, children, groceries, and more, which is why they’re quickly becoming the number one choice among parents and those seeking abundant storage options. When choosing a cargo electric bike, finding one with a cargo bike large enough to safely fit everyone and everything you plan on hauling will ensure you get the most use out of your cargo bike.

3.  Electric Assistance

When using your cargo electric bike daily, having electric pedal assist is an invaluable resource. When fully loaded, your cargo bike could contain over a hundred extra pounds, which can make propelling it forward, especially in a hilly area, challenging. Electric pedal assistance lets you ride with ease, no matter the terrain, creating an enjoyable and exciting biking experience.

4.  Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the top concerns for many, which is why cargo bikes are an excellent option for eco-conscious individuals. Since they use battery power, you never have to worry about gasoline, limiting your carbon footprint and helping you do your part to keep the planet cleaner and healthier.

5.  Affordability

With prices on everyday necessities nearing an all-time high, saving money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially those with children. Gas prices are quickly becoming one of the top concerns, with filling the typical vehicle tank costing well over $100. When you choose a cargo electric bike, you never have to worry about wasting your hard-earned money on gas since you simply plug it in after use, and you’re good to go! Simply switching to a cargo bike could save you over $4,800 every year, a massive and often life-changing savings.

6.  Ease Of Use

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding cargo bikes is how easy they are to use in both urban and suburban settings. As more cities are turning to sustainable options to limit the high concentration of emissions expelled into the atmosphere, the focus on creating a bike-friendly space continues to grow. There are more bike lanes and paths than ever before, making it easy to use your cargo bike as your primary mode of transportation. It’s truly never been easier to enjoy the fun of using cargo bicycles.

7.  Added Accessories

One of the best parts of owning an electric cargo bike is the unmatched customization flexibility. Cargo bikes offer multiple seating options, along with a wide array of available accessories. Whether you plan to use your cargo bike daily, for weekend adventures, or even camping, you can create a perfectly customized bike that will adapt to your needs. Some of the most popular accessories include:



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    • Rain canopies
    • Water and dustproof floor mats
    • Memory foam cushions
    • Sun shades
    • Bike tables
    • Dust covers
    • And more!

    Whatever your needs, cargo bikes offer the freedom and flexibility to create a perfectly customized mode of transportation the entire family will enjoy.

    8.  Safety

    When transporting your family in your cargo bike, safety is the foremost concern. When choosing a cargo electric bike, be sure to find one with five-point harness seat belts that are secure and comfortable ensuring even small children are secure. Helmets are also a must, and finding models with a fully enclosed cargo box that can keep your children, pets, and gear contained is a priority.

    Cargo bikes are an excellent way to ditch your vehicle and discover the fun and freedom of sustainable living. By choosing a cargo bike, you can save money, create lasting memories, and even stay fit, all while having a blast. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the thousands of happy riders enjoying all the benefits cargo bikes provide!

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