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Maj VVald Scottsdale AZ

It's bright lights gloweth
My ass Aster will saveth
Bike Hacks please giveth

Forgoteth my city/state

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

What's Inside?

Unzip to see what
Lay inside this bag's neat folds
Tools, lock, books, and food

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Magic Bag

Inside there is gold,
Diamonds, rubies, platinum too
Magic bag that glows

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Night Ride

Ahead lay dark paths
But modern tech keeps me safe
My bag's a beacon

Peter Davis

Being visible
May one day help save your life
Which is very nice.

Michiel - Leuven, Belgium

Protect me, oh bag!
from riding metal stuff and
hide my things from rain

Michiel - Leuven, Belgium

My dear friend Aster
enlighten me and my stuff
Full-speed backpacking

Fili - Manitowoc, USA


Enter this sweepstakes
Bag in Binary: 01100010 01100001 01100111

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Bike Messenger Thoughts

Vital documents
Sit low inside of Aster
Fly, pedal faster

Abel Salazar

Faster I pedal work commute
Aster keeps me lit drivers be aware
Master Blaster I am going home now

Michael - Columbia, MO

I am on the run.
Hunters know my ev'ry move.
Stupid turn signals.

Don Amsbaugh

Fili has the best
rhyming haiku impressive
my work, not so much

Don Amsbaugh

post a comment here
hope to win a random draw
more haiku more win

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Barney Fife, deputy sheriff = Don Knotts

Don, thanks for the props
This bag could be for bike cops
Holds cuffs; traffic stops

Tim Guarente - Brattleboro, VT, USA

Bike in each morning
Bike home at night in the dark
My kid wants me safe

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Deadline Tomorrow

Sweepstakes is ending
All your haiku: mind-bending
You win, depending.........................

Tim Guarente - Brattleboro, VT, USA

Show cars where I am
Make it easy carry lunch
Don't be heavy, last.

Tim Guarente - Brattleboro, VT, USA

Pack a bag to go
Throw it on, merge, brake, and turn
Be safe on the way

Tim Guarente - Brattleboro, VT, USA

Come rain, fog, or snow
Light up my back, show my moves
stinky shoes go too.

Fili - Manitowoc, USA


Nothing is free, man
Unless it's a bike hacks chance
To win bag, you can

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Bike and Bag

Meant for each other
Two objects mix like Jam, and
Jelly, his brother

Don Amsbaugh

i see you Biker!
seeing you, I won't hit you
Aster saves the day

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