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Curt Seeliger -- Corvallis, USA

Cars strike in daylight!
Lit up like a christmas tree,
safely sprawled on road

Bob in San Mateo, CA

bright pack light the way
driver behind see red light
toot toot whistle buckle!

Don Amsbaugh

stealth riders beware
backpack will betray you
ninjas don't like

Don Amsbaugh

sweaty back is fine
its the excess that runs down
wet butt crack is bad

Lavina Mahbubani

Flashing, streaking through the night,
(but totally not like a drunken nudist)
Whooosh, fly, Aster and I!

Lavina (of Aster team, not participating to win) - Bangalore, India

Flashing, streaking through the night,
(but totally not like a drunken nudist)
Whooosh, fly, Aster and I!

Samuel Verstraete - Waregem, Belgium

while commuting you
best watch your ass and backpack
your awesome Aster

Steve Mansfield-Devine - St-Simeon, Normandy, France

So clever backpack
I wonder who carries whom
To safe arrival

Steve Mansfield-Devine - St-Simeon, Normandy, France

Be seen to be safe
But carry a heavy load
This is your burden

Samuel Verstraete - Waregem, Belgium

Snowy rides ahead
No fear, you are visible
with your Asper bag


The Door-me-not-front-lights! That's worth the price of admission right there!

Beth V., Milwaukee, USA

Aster pack, be mine!
Make my back sweaty and hot,
Ride with me for miles.

Glenn, ... recalculating ... make a u-turn when safe to do so

my back gets sweaty
I will not write a review
please don't send to me

Heather, Oakland

Night rides are the best
Few cars, more lights around
Glowing in the night.

Don Amsbaugh

with lights i ride
night time commute is safer
see me cycle more

Arron Thompson

hold after ride beer
hold lock, shoes, helmet and beer
maybe hold some food

Jay, Memphis, TN

Aster, nobody
rules these streets at night like me
the atomic punk

Tushar Govalkar

Aster make me bright
Let them know if
I am going left or right

Craig - Bengaluru, India

A backpack keeping you safe
Shedding the light front, right and left
A flower it is not

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Streets Breathe

Coming through on two
Wheels spin like glissando
Tempo blinks on back

Fili - Manitowoc, USA


Upon my shoulders
These appurtenances fit
In my hi-fi bag

Fili - Manitowoc, USA


Photons fly from back
Drivers' retinas drink red
Arrows that point left

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

To the Grocery

I turn right on Rain
Head north to grab multigrain
Backpack pocket: main

Fili - Manitowoc, USA

Cut Through Fog

This bag cuts through fog
This bag wards off rabid dogs
This bag and bike cogs

Maj VVald

It's bright lights gloweth
My ass Aster will saveth
Bike Hacks please giveth

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