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A jerk with a crowbar is what happened. Good grief.

Jack Nolan

vandalism pure and simple. wonder if you could do that by standing on it?

Bicycle Bill

Look at that left-side chainstay too.  This bike has more serious problem than an effed-up crankarm.


1. Boredom (using chain leverage somehow) or
2 Hatred for the owner of the bike


I'd guess vandalism too, but I did similarly to my bike once by just pedaling. The bend stopped before the axle, though.

Elco Thelosen


the force' Luke use the force...

Elco Thelosen

The Force Luke' don't understimate the force, look's like it's mixed up gear that has been used one to many time's ,if you take a chain from 30 years ago against a solid 15 speed from nowaday's ??? only your Uncle would know what could happen ...with some force wich is ya friend indeed is a friend in need of a new'er chain DANG'!KAPOW!

Elco Thelosen

djeees use a crank-pully next time bro'

Jerk's drive Cars!,

Mike F

Attempted theft with a prying bar or bottle jack?


Blunt Force Trauma...


It's obviously Yuri Geller's bicycle.

Vandalism, pure and simple. Probably someone trying to steal the bike, can't do it so smash it up. They forced enough on the chainring to bend both chainstays, the left side is obvious but the drive side is pushing against the wheel.

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