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These are made for motorcyclists but you should be able to use them too. It is a belt that you would wear and it gives you two handles and kiddo could hang on. http://www.amazon.com/Outlaw-Racing-Motorcycle-Passenger-Handles/dp/B00B1FXB3Q


Stoker bar? A stem on on the seatpost and some narrow bars. The stem needs to be long enough so your legs don't hit the bars, but short enough so the passenger fits. I did this on my xtracycle with used parts. You might need to make a shim from a soda can (another hack! :) )

A simpler option would be bar ends directly on the seatpost, but that might hit your legs when pedaling unless they're angled back.


How about just a looped strap around the rack just in front of where she sits? You could use webbing, a belt or some old rope. That way it should cost almost nothing.

Zesty Italian

I like what Nico said and was going to suggest this. When you do get this mounted, you could go with some fancy smancy hand grips in just about any color under the rainbow. Make sure the kiddo is in on "customizing" this, which I'm sure you can see why.


I submitted the question. Thank you so much for your ideas!

I'm super short (Five feet, and shrinking, it seems! LOL) My bike is a Giant Alight with a small frame and 700c wheels. By the time I get the rack on there, I'm not sure that I have enough clearance for a stoker stem/seat post setup. I'm practically sitting on the rack arms as it is.

I will try the strap ideas, and see how they work. I sew a lot, so I don't think it would be hard to come up with something like that.

I also had a flicker of an idea late last night. I may try it out, and post it if it works out for us. ;)

My thyroid crashed last fall, and I gained a ton of weight. I'm really wanting to get it back off, and I genuinely love cycling, but we have four young children. I'm guaranteed to need to take at least one child with me every time I ride.....and I detest my child trailer.

Unfortunately, biking is not a common hobby in this area, so when I have problems, it's hard to find an answer for them locally. Blogs like these are so awesome for rural peeps like me! Thank you!


get a section of handlebar big enough for both her hands, and fasten it to your seat post using rope. Make sure the rope doesn't slide against the bar (or any other 7/8" pipe), or it'll cut. You can use an eye bolt in the middle to avoid that. A pump block will keep it tucked away when you don't need it.

Jonathan Doe

Bungee cord tied around the post just beneath the seat


I have done a few of these and will submit them as a post to the blog. Adjustable stoker stems from a tandem friendly shop, or else just an adjustable stem, either with an old handlebar cut down. Card or plastic wheel guards. Feet rests can be bought, or build them from thinnish aluminium.

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