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bike nut

I have used the pinhead products. They are a good investment and are designed to keep the thief from making off with your bike. While I doubt that anything could truly do that, they will at least slow the thief down for a while until they can use something to undo the skewers, seatpost lock, and headset lock.


I've been using components pinhead for seven years, and I assure you that I can park my bike in the street safely, also using a U-lock.

Congratulations for the blog!

Bicycle Bill

So it looks to me like you are supposed to replace your existing QR skewer with this PinHead skewer that has a proprietary three-point pin system; the positioning of the pins is unique to the receiving end of the skewer.  Sounds almost like a variation of the old SunTour freewheel removal tools that had two prongs that fit into matching notches on the freewheel body; you then needed to use a bench vise or a BFW to break the freewheel free.  And if you weren't careful you could easily break off one of the prongs on the tool or chew up the notch on the freewheel body.

My point is that using this to clamp down (or remove) a rear wheel or a seatpost clamp is going to require a fair amount of torque, and a press-fit three-pin system doesn't sound like the best way of applying it.  I will reserve final judgement until I have had time to see the equipment itself in use, or better pictures and particulars on the company's own website, but in any case I don't think I will be one of the early adopters of this system.


@ Bicycle Bill
"Early adopters" ROFLMAO Pinhead has been on the market for years and years. The only thing fairly new here is the U-lock. Personally, if I felt a need for such things.* I'd go with the Pitlock system instead of Pinhead.

*I use a "modified Sheldon Brown Method" to lock up. Google it there's plenty of different variations stemming from the original.

Bicycle Bill

Raiyn, I had never heard of this company or these products before seeing this post.  Seriously.  So I thought the whole she-bang was new to the market.


I've been using pinhead components, too and I can't live without them anymore! I feel that my bike is save with the U-lock! Greets, Storage Isleworth Ltd.

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