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It's really interesting how Chinese culture values light skin. In the west, tanned means fit, young, and healthy, and is desirable. In China, it means you spend all day working outside, so you're probably lower class. I bought my wife a Chinese fashion magazine (something like Elle or Glamour), and it was filled with ads for skin lightening cream.

Ben Simon

Just got back from Japan two days ago, and we saw these visors (again, mainly on Women) all around the country.

My Mom's a visor aficionado, so I wanted to pick her up one but never came across one in the store (though, I bet if I had looked, I'd have found them).

Two other bike items I noticed:

(1) they had inventive means for carrying umbrellas (a standard item used in both sun and rain, especially for ladies), including an attachment that would mount a open umbrella. (Something like: http://photos.travellerspoint.com/170974/DSC_0256-89.jpg )

(2) The vast majority of riders seemed to have their bike seats way too low. I'm not sure what to make of that, other than it might make stop-and-go bike riding in the city easier.


Really could have used one of these the other day. Went through a swarm of gnats I swear was a mile long...

Bicycle Bill

Don't know how this would work underneath a helmet, although it could probably be tweaked to fit.  For other outdoor activities this could be great, especially if you are a person who needs to wear prescription glasses already and don't want to have to carry a second pair of Rx shades.


This is a good idea. I wish they made snap on visors for bicycle helmets similar to the one's for motorcycle helmets. I usually wear googles over my glasses. It looks dorky but my eyes are shielded.

Some Chinese women also wear face kinis at the beach. It looks like a WWE convention.



Here in the Southern San Francisco bay area (AKA Silicon Valley) I seen these for the last 15 years worn by drivers. Usually fair skinned Asian women. I guess it's the modern day evolution of the parasol, whose purpose is to protect one's skin from the sun.

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