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Back in HS (in the 80s), some friends and I formed a fictional metal band and called it Klevaj. Our drummer was going to have two bass drums. We even had song names for 2 or 3 albums.


My Rabbi has the sickest payot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payot). I think he would fit right in with my fictional hair metal band Motley Jew.

Garrett R

Coppertop Sea - an Irish drinking music infused hair metal band.

Double Diamond - they boast that they are "always as hard as diamonds."

Beach Kiss - surf rock influenced hair metal, surf boards and leather pants man.

Bleach - don't ask them what they're bleaching.

Tribal Screams - not many hair metal bands have a full drum circle.

The Strippers - these guys are all business with or without the suits.

Automatists - daft punk in cheetah tights?!

Kinky Mass - aside from the sexy nun back up singers, these guys are saints.

The Big Wind - traveling with a full brass section, who knew hair metal was better with a little ska?

Slotglass - find this raunchy bunch coming to a strip joint near you!

Diggity Derby - their vocalist kinda reminds me of quagmire from family guy.

before i have too much fun with this, i think i'll stop :D

Cody T.

Wish You were Her
Heels On Wheels
Forget Me Knot

De Smet Thomas

I've never lived in the time people were high on hairspray but my band would have been named ...

HEAIRY (marriage of hear and hair ;)



Razör Reaper


well, of cause the band will be called


Silly question...


Maximum Control


Wyld Dudez

Bad Touch


Lipstick Fix
Sex Bomb Boyzz
Dirty Kixx

(Bad spellings are, of course, intentional.)


I would pick

"Maneinquin" lol


Metal Band Names:

Parental Advisory
Off Our Rokkers
Devil Horns

Peter Davis

Broken Spokes

James B


"The Deathrow Rejects"

"Sparkle Dolls"

"S.P.A.N.K" (Spandex Perverts And Nightime Killers)

Bike related:

"The Mechs"


"Saddle Sore"

"Wheels of Pain"


Hot Mess

doubles as the name of a mixed pepper hot sauce

Harry Allen

Kia Timberwolf and the Hairy Dogs

"Bicycle Bill"

    (misspelling of "derailleur" intentional)
"Chain Drive"
"Nine-Speed Cluster"
"Goes To Twelve"
    (this band would be even better than 'Spın̈al Tap')
"Big Ring"


Phisted Sizter!




Touch my handlebar

James B

Another one:

CrankArmy (Always on overdrive...)


We are the Walrii

Unicorn Babies in Hell

Wolfie and the Were-Wears

Steve Barner



Bike related of course....
Album title "Upright Position" on Grip Shift records.

Stephen Watson

The Hair Band that found itself merging into Grunge/Alternative rock after the lead singer hurt his voice attempting Scream Metal. Introducing the "CRANK WEASELS"!!!!! Now hold those lighters high and wave them back and forth!!!!!!


Another one
Suicycle....album title "Forked up Headset"

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