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Salt Lick: a bike covered in salt.
My bike looks kind of like that right now. Shame on me for not keeping up with cleaning!


1) NaCL cruiser
2) plow-alanched
3) alpining


1. -
2. snowdrop
3. -


"King of The Hill" for The bike ontop The Snow


Nice piece of bike jerky at the top!


I wish I was clever and witty enough to come up with some good terms. I'm looking forward to others suggestions though, so I can say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Kyala Stewart

1. Salty dog
2. Snowman
3. Snow bunny


1. Brined (like pickles) / Winter Coat
2. Cyrogenic Sleep / Encased in Carbonite
3. Ice King


1 - Pretzel
2 - Bike branch
3 - enlightened parking


My bike is inside my room of my apartment, ready for a nice NYC Day to bike this winter... waiting for 37*F + weather


1. Starched
2. DQ Special (Dairy Queen Special)
3. Say NO to winter


2. Groundhog


1 Pretzel (co-sign)
2 -
3 Hillary (Sir Edmund)

bee thor

1 - Rust bucket

2 - Growler

3 - Floater

"Bicycle Bill"

I agree with "King of the Hill"/"King of the Mountain" as mentioned by Mario; another alternative would be "Polka Dot Jersey" (as in "did see that Polka Dot Jersey over by the laundromat") as a reference to the jersey awarded to the King of the Mountain winner in the TdF.

Johnny Gnash

1. Krystal Kruiser, Brinewashed

Johnny Gnash

This is fun!

1. Glitterwhip, Crank Crust, Crystal Crank...
2. Bikeberg, Woolly Mammoth, Velogelato...
3. ?

Johnny Gnash

Can't seem to stop...

2. Popcycle... That was obvious now that we've seen it.

Johnny Gnash

1. Margarita (salt on the rim)...

2. Powder Coated...


1. Urban A-salt
2. Han Solo
3. Summit Cycle


1. campbell's soup bike
2. archeology
3. scarface


For Number 2, how about "Bike Alaska'd" (as in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baked_Alaska)


3) Everesting

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