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Ben D

So you don't really say what you're carrying. You mention loads of 100 pounds and 100 mile daytrips. Daytrips makes me think you're talking hiking gear/lunch for your group. What about a larger frame that you could put a soft cargo space on/bungee things to. For Example, if you made an oval shaped bottom from with old lawn chair tubing (if your Florida room is in Florida you have to have lots. Maybe?) You could strap duffel bags of any size to that. (maybe a curved fendery thing to make sure it doesn't contact the back wheel). AND....you could drop your aluminum box on there to get groceries when you need to. MAybe some through bolts and wingnuts for a quick switch and a little bit of masonite to shape the bottom of the duffel?


Coroplast. I liberated some election signs during the election season(or u can get them near new housing development). some are as thick as 12mm or so, lighter than wood, but need to pad your attachment points, because it don't take bearing stress well.

john h

In photo Garrett3 I see three good sized holes. Use re-purposed metal tubing of size and strenght needed to form frame use holes to mount frame, wood floor, corroplast (election signs) for the enclosure. Pics of finished project please. =)

Y. Cartspowell

How about using fabric inside a metal or wood frame? Corduroy is light and tough, no woven fabrics liberated from used construction fencing is tough, canvas or cotton retrieved from rags an:d waxed can be free and waterproof.


The above ideas are really great.

I was thinking that you could lash bamboo together to make an enclosure. It is light and strong. I have found tons of bamboo going begging on craigslist or in my neighborhood. If you knock on the door, people are usually more than happy to let you harvest some of theirs.

Lashing you can look up online if you don't know how already. It is pretty simple but somewhat time consuming at first.

For maximum fun you could staple plastic or fabric to a bamboo frame as suggested in the other comments.


how about securing a rack to this and using large panniers? Similar to the extrawheel trailer.


You could try fiberglass, perhaps taking plastic tubs, cutting them and bonding them together. Could use metal PVC, or the light-weight aluminum angle iron that bolts together to make a frame with the fabric.


Has anything ever come from this trailer idea? I like the start of it.

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