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Do I sense a small amount of glitter on those cogs?


or is it road salt?


You've figured out that 8-speed is the price-performance sweet spot for city bikes. It's cheap and durable compared to 10/11 speed, and You'll never spend enough on replacements to justify a Nexus hub.

Kevin ferguson

That is what happens when you don't regularly check chain for wear.(AKA stretch). Now you need a new cluster or FW chainrings AND a new chain.


Thtas what I was going to say!! Your cogs are worn way down especially number 3 from small to big. Now you are probably skipping like crazy in that gear!!!! Laters........

Kim Laroux

Glitter got on your chain, and worn down your cassette. You need glitter-repellent chain lube.

Bicycle Bill

Echoing the observation about the #3 cog (and the #4 cog looks like it's next).

And if I may be permitted to expand on the rant, most of today's "cyclists" will allow themselves to be upsold to a new bike because "8-speed cogs are passé; all the new bikes have this new 10-speed setup" with the end result that a lot of perfectly good bikes end up as yard-sale fodder.


Bill - Now that you mention it, #2 doesn't look that good either.

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