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Two ALICE packs with frames, and a .50 can...

What's not to love!!!!


Hmmm. Substitute a cargo pack shelf facing rearward over the back wheel, add a jerrycan rack and mount one of the shortened European 2.5 gallon/10 liter jerrycans, and the rig would be quite attractive for motorcyclists as well.


Great thinking!

What size Alice Pack did you use? Large or Medium?




The Idea in general of 2 backpacks as panniers is great. ALICE medium is good because they are cheap and sturdy, but that doesn't mean aluminum REI packs from 1979 couldn't be just as useful.

A sturdy rack well-attached to the frame is most important.


13B on a bike

There's a cheap simple kit to add a lock to a .50 caliber can that requires drilling a single hole in the can. Should be able to seal it well enough to keep it waterproof. Would make a lockable "trunk" that should be good enough to keep most sticky fingers out of your gear.


Torque; I used Mediums; the large is much much bigger....anyhow; yes a REI frame could work as well; and these are ideas :) and yes I know of the lock kit for the 50 cal ammo can :)

I am currently putting together another bicycle on the cheap that will use two 50 cal ammo cans as hard panniers; and have both front and rear sturdy cargo racks...and a BMX high rise handlebar to make more room on the handlebar area for a sleeping bag to be lashed onto the handlebars.


Have you had a chance to check out the tire-spray in wet conditions? Just wondering how the ALICE rucks hold up under constant rain like in my part of the country?

doug johnson

those are all great ideas i bee thinking of something along the same line as you.. i want camo panniers but cant find any so maybe ill hit the surplus store. would love to see what you come up with next


Jsquared; I havent tried the ALICE in wet conditions; but I can say they will hold up to the rain here (in Oregon) just as well as they did in Fort Lewis where they came from....

Doug; I believe you would do very well with MOLLE Sustainment Pouches; they are roughly of the same size as the Schwinn black panniers, and mounts via MOLLE straps to a frame rack...only issue is not having a stiff panel in the backs, but you could go around that by getting an old binder and cut the middle part (where rings are) and put the panels inside; I have a couple of those bags that I am planning to put on my next bike, one holds a Stansport 2 man A-frame tent just fine without the poles....the poles would be strapped to the rack on top or to the frame, not sure yet.


I have acquired a Topeak rack for my CyclePro Classic project; it was once hacked to work with a Roadmaster MTB, in a terrible way, no pics of that hack, sorry lol....but anyways, I find that MOLLE Sustainment Pouches works very good on this particular rack, along with some off brand "improved butt pack" as a center bag, there are pictures at my blog :)

Army Retiree

ALICE packs won't hold up to rain. They're not waterproof by any means, which is why the military issued waterproof bags for sleeping bags and other gear, and why everyone who went to the field always brought along lots of heavy-duty trash bags and ziplock freezer bags to keep all their clothing and stuff dry.

The "3-day" packs --- everyone called them "butt packs" --- are a good size for panniers and can be found for good prices, but they need a stiffener or backing to keep them out of the spokes.

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