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Plumber bummer


a windbutt


The Pepsi (As in their new logo)


There is already a perfectly serviceable word for this, albeit for a different use.


In this case the flesh is revealed by the wind and provides space to farts to escape should the rider break wind.


have you seen this website:



How about the BU Beach-ed Whale? (I know where you are!)

More seriously, I think Windage is a winner.


The Eye of Mordor

Josh L

Tramp stamp taner. 2nd with the dog on the right side panier, I assume this is in the USA my guess is because you fine fellows drive on the right hand side of the road the right side of your bike is the farthest away from traffic. In Australia we drive on the left so in my case I always put the bulkier item in my left. This is to prevent passing vehicles from catching or cliping my panier when passing. Yours sincerely some crazy aussie bloke Josh.



As in the recorded message in London's Tube (subway) to prevent folks from falling into the gap between the subway car and the platform.


(How many foot-long hot dogs laid end-to-end equal a metric mile? 4,921)

Leo Horishny

So, instead of a skirt guard for the bike, you'll need a Fido Fender. A great name for the product, thankyouverymuch.

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