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Mike Freiberger

Nice Buck! Thank you for honoring the animal with a clean presentation in the picture...well done.


You should be careful, though...read this story to get an idea of just what can go wrong hunting deer on a bicycle.



Could you please somehow "hide" the photos? Like write something like "Click here to see the photos." I appreciated the warning in the first sentence and dutifully tried skip this post and scroll to the next post but I still had to see the pictures. Very disturbing. (Love your blog. Just not these photos.) Thank you.


I don't understand. This is not a hack. It isn't useful and rather tasteless. why such a post ?


This is fucking disguisting.

Leo Horishny

I'd have liked to have read a mention of what he did to keep the deer innards off his bike frame and out of the seat post :-p But it is practical and, as long as he's not riding the deer out on the bicycle like that, more power to him ;-)

Sonia D

What a lame hack. Here's a much better way to haul a deer:



You might be a redneck if...


Excellent use for a bicycle. Thanks for the tip.


You have great taste... bikes and Ford trucks! A 66?


A hunter myself, I certainly sympathize with your predicament, but this looks ridiculous. How about improvising a drag-sled from some old sheetmetal, or rigging a trailer.


This is disgusting, please cut it up and wrap it up with some Saran Wrap with a yellow foam tray before you take the pictures.

I like it. I don't hunt, but this is how I'll do it, if the NFS land don't allow for motorized vehicles.

OK, now back to trolling around and go pick on some helpless vegetables that cannot run away from my hungry mouth. :-)


Very, very offensive. Please exclude this kind of thing in the future.


Just looking through some old bookmarks and came back to this. What a great post, thanks for sharing. Pics are appreciated despite what some complainers may say.



This is really terrible. (FYI, I've never felt the need to say that. In the context of the rest of the site, this is shocking.)

jackie crawford

I will express an opinion about hunting in general but not about the picture, though I don't get what you are trying to interpret but a fallow deer hunting could be exciting and its venison is tasty, http://huntingtexastrophies.com/ offers complete meat processing.

Frank Rizzo

"I clicked on a link titled Deer Hunting and was horrified to see photos of dead deer. All this time, through my years of dear hunting and my interest in it, I never imagined I'd have to be subjected to seeing a dead deer." That logic.

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