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Wait, so who won the random draw?

John h

YAY!!!! Congratulations Scott. You wont stink. lol =) Looking forward to the review. Their website says it is " all natural unscented hypo-allergenic crystal deodorant". If it works, I'll be looking into getting some of those magic crystals for myself. =)


I'm not sure I can bring myself to buy anything with '..@hotmail.com' printed on the side.

Mark H

So this seems like a topical antibiotic, or even an antibacterial soap (less the soap).

As with anything that purports to kill bacteria (including the soaps), I'd worry about bacterial resistance. Others may also worry about the affect on the environment, especially for something that probably gets rinsed off easily when you sweat.

Though it claims to be 100% natural, I'd still like to know what the active ingredient is.


Over 30 years ago, I heard a radio program explaining that BO stink is mostly from the ammonia and other gases the bacteria effectively 'defecate' as colonize the warm, moist, food rich habitats of your body.
Kill the bacteria = no stink.
I've been spritzing the pits with ordinary ethyl alcohol (with a dash of essential oil) since then, and can attest that it works absolutely (and for days at a time). A big bottle is cheap at the drugstore...with the added bonus of going through life knowing I don't use a product called "Manscapes". I mean really, Manscapes? I kinda think a generic masculine product name would be better, (rather than something that brings to mind the song "It's Raining Men"...unless of course that was the intention and the focused demographic.)


Don't google manscapes at work. Lesson learned.


@Barrie if Manscapes brings an image of its raining men to mind than either you are in the closet or way to homophobic. I know many masculine men who actually do manscape and they are not only straight but womanizers. I myself have tried Manscapes which I think is an excellent name and I play football for a living and I am married with 2 kids. My good friend who is a Hells angel also uses it and he is far from gay. This product is outstanding and I actually saw an article about it either in the times , the post or the village voice lol I do not remember. This product really does stop odor completely. Also I know for a fact that Charlie Sheen himself even tweeted about it and mentioned it in an interview with a radio station here in NY. awesome stuff!

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