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change the lube you put on your chain to something like the wax based ones and then you don't have to look like a tosser wearing some wanky bit of cloth around your leg /endrant (do not want the prize either)


Gee, I've always wanted to wrap myself in neoprene whilst exercising. It's breathable right?

No thanks.

Kenny O

But it wrinkles my freshly creased John W. Nordstrom Flat Front Linen Pants, and my gastrocnemius....I can't like it,

Ron Ablang

I've had a few good pants ruined by bike grease (right leg of course).

Brad Pitcher

A haiku for you:

I don't like bike grease,
the bane of my existence,
it makes me so mad!


I just tuck my pants into my socks for free. It looks a little dorky, but no dorkier than the leg shield.


I'd rather just have a change of clothes in my pannier bags.


Go Dutch and do a full chaincase! No worries when riding, but I guess it's hard to find in these here parts.


Wow that's overkill. And what's with focusing on grease? I've been riding for years, in all seasons, and never got grease on any parts of my clothes. I did get my pants and my shoe lace stuck between the chain and the gear though.

The solution is simply to tuck things away. Push the loose ends of your shoe lace back under one of the loop down the shoe. For a while I used old hair elastics on my pants, but now I use MEC's Scotchlite Ankle Strap. Simply pull the pants out, fold it on itself while keeping it tight around your leg, and secure it in place using an elastic or a velcro strap.

No need for a whole leg body armour. This is just overkill. It's already a pain to ride in pants, I don't see this improving things. Not to mention that you're then stuck with carrying this huge thing around at work/school.

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